News from Celtic League - European and Local Election Results – well almost!

This Celtic League Media Release just in:

News from Celtic League

European and Local Election Results – well almost!

The results for the European elections have (almost) been counted in the Celtic countries and the progressive and democratic nationalist parties who stood in the elections have done well in terms of numbers of votes gained and representatives elected.

Jill Evan's, Plaid Cymru - Party of Wales re-elected to European Parliament

Congratulations to Jill Evans who has been re-elected to the European Parliament. Promising a strong voice for Wales in Europe, the Plaid Cymru MEP will campaign for jobs and economic development in Wales and vowed to continue to fight for equal status for the Welsh language in the European Union. 

Scottish National Party Wins European Election in Scotland

Bucking the trend across much of Europe where political parties in power were defeated across the continent, the Scottish National Party as the ruling party in Government in Scotland won the Scottish European election.  South of the border the ultra-British nationalist United Kingdom Independence Party achieved almost 28% of the vote this was NOT so in Scotland. Here they picked up 10% of the vote enough to be able to take one MEP.

Using the Celtic Tongue To Build a Strong Economy - Scotland Partners With Gaelic Nova Scotia

Linguists are in broad agreement that a cornerstone of bringing a threatened language back to heath is a thriving economy within the language area.  And it is with this in mind that Nova Scotia's Office of Gaelic Affairs has invited Roddy MacLean, Scotland's Gaelic Language Ambassador 2012-2013, to give his advice on how to develop the tourism industry in the Gaelic speaking heartland of Cape Breton.

Renewed Calls to Make Welsh an Official European Union Language

The website "" under the headline "Only Plaid Cymru Will Promote The Welsh Language in Europe", a sitting member of the European Parliament (MEP) makes an argument for the Welsh language.

Arrogant Swinton Insurance Company Begrudgingly Apologises for Anti-Welsh Anglophone Bigotry

When Anglophone bigotry raised its ugly head at Swinton Insurance Company they were quite correctly slammed by the Welsh Language Commissioner. As reported in the Welsh newspaper the Daily Post “A major insurance company interfered with an individual's freedom to use Welsh, the Language Commissioner ruled.

A personal view of the World Cup by a Cornish activist and member of the Celtic League

A personal view of the England Team and the World Cup written by a Cornish activist and member of the Celtic League.

‘That time approaches…..’

A personal view of the World Cup by a Cornish activist and member of the Celtic League

"I walked into the supermarket to buy some groceries today and my heart dropped.

A sea of red and white greeted me inviting me to support ‘your team’ with basket after basket of tat adorned with the emblem of St George - flags, hats, mugs, T shirts, footballs, banners, flip flops and other assorted paraphernalia.

Welsh Christian Party’s Mad Rant about the Welsh Flag! Well Guess What? It’s Ours and it’s Staying!

Welsh flag

The Elections for the European Parliament taking place across Europe at this time certainly does bring some strange characters crawling out of the woodwork. None more so that the highly unrepresentative Christian Party of Wales. The leader of this Party has been raving about the ancient symbol of Wales, the Red Dragon which is on the Welsh Flag. Hold your breath and read this rant from Party leader the Rev George Hargreaves as reported in the Huffington Post:

This is the very symbol of the devil described in the Book of Revelation 12:3. This is nothing less than the sign of Satan, the devil, Lucifer, that ancient serpent who deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Shooyl ny Skeeraghyn (Parish Walk)

Every year, close to the time of the northern summer solstice (Manx Gaelic: shass greiney souree) hundreds participate in Shooyl ny Skeeraghyn (Walk of the Parish’s). This is the Manx Parish Walk (sponsored by Manx Telecom) which passes through every parish on Mannin (Isle of Man). It covers a distance of 85 miles (137 km). A Parish is a church unit of land that makes up a division of a diocese. 

Scottish National Party “rejects concerted effort to foster division”

The Scottish National Party has condemned efforts by anti-independence campaigners to foster division ahead of Scotland’s referendum vote. SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP who is half-German and was born in Wimbledon, London said: 


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