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The Massacre of Glencoe 13th February 1692

The Massacre of Glencoe (Scottish Gaelic Mort Ghlinne Comhann) took place early in the morning of 13 February 1692. One of the most beautiful places in Scotland Glen Coe (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Comhann) takes its name from the River Coe that winds and tumbles its way through the glen. It is hard for those who visit this area of great beauty today to think that it was the site of such a treacherous act of murder and brutality against the Clan MacDonald of Glencoe.

Where lies the body of Chief of Clan Fraser "the Old Fox" who died "laughing his head off"

Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat, Chief of Clan Fraser lived from about 1667 to 9 April 1747. Beheaded in London as a supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie, his headless body is said to lie in a lead casket at Wardlaw Mausoleum at Kirkhill, near Inverness. A body, minus the head is in the casket but is it that of Simon Fraser? After he was beheaded, some say his body remained in England, others that it was taken to Scotland and ended up in Wardlaw Mausoleum.

Transforming a Cold War surveillance station on a remote Scottish island into a major nature reserve

Celebrations took place at the weekend to mark the community buy out of a Cold War surveillance station on Lewis (Scottish Gaelic: Leòdhas) in the Outer Hebrides (Na h-Eileanan Siar). The radio and radar station was established at Gallan Head, close to the village of Aird Uig (Àird Ùig) 60 years ago. It formed part of Nato's early warning system against Soviet submarines and aircraft.

Hebridean background of Donald Trump's mother

News from the Celtic League:

Like him or loath him Donald Trump is set to redefine how global politics is conducted. The jury is out on if this will be for good or ill.

BBC Scotland has this detailed article about Trumps background and the incredible story of his mother’s journey from a Hebridean Island to the high society of New York (link):

Broadcaster gets 'kick in the pants' for mis-reporting

News from the Celtic League:

It’s not only me that has a problem with the BBC; in Scotland nationalists have taken their anger to a new but constructive level. Billboards and Van boards attacking BBC bias in news reporting have appeared.

As well as a slogan the boards carry a link so that folk can assess themselves the slant the BBC put on news and current affairs.

Speaking in the Scottish newspaper ‘The Courier’ a representative of the group driving the campaign ‘Inform Scotland’ said;

Easter Rising: An Unlikely Sniper!

News from the Celtic League:

Although the centenary commemorations of the Easter Rising in Dublin are now over the role of the Scots involved in the struggle to end British rule in Ireland at the time is to be highlighted in a new book (link):…/15025055.Book_pays_tribute_t…/

The book is scheduled to be published in time for Easter this year.

Scotland: Nuclear Waste Flight Concerns

News from the Celtic League:

The issue of the transport of nuclear waste by air from Dounreay in Scotland to the United States is to be highlighted at the Scottish parliament this week it is an issue the Celtic League highlighted last year (link):…/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-386365…

Neighbourhood Policing - Scottish Style

News from the Celtic League:

News in this report that the Ministry of Defence Police are to undertake a higher profile in policing the Rosneath Peninsula on the Clyde in the Scottish Sunday Herald (link):…/15009201.Armed_MoD_police…/…

Scotland: Historic bagpipes return home to fulfil the dying wish of a former world champion

Archie McGeachy was born in Cambeltown in 1932. He was aged 14 years when identified as someone with promising bagpipe talent and given the gift of a set of Henderson pipes. Using the pipes Archie played at the Queen's Coronation in 1953 at the age of 21 and went on to become a world champion piper. He emigrated to North America  where his interest in piping continued, playing with other talented musicians and as a member of Pipe Bands. He also formed a band in Ontario Canada called Kintyre. Sadly, Archie McGeachy died at the age of 83 years at home in Ontario in November 2015.

Cymru: TV licence fee to be withheld in devolved broadcasting campaign

News from the Celtic League:

Report here from Wales online about what appears to be the start of a direct action campaign by some members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society) to have broadcasting devolved to Wales (link):…/tv-licence-fee-strike-launch…


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