Isle of Man: Isle of Architecture Celebrates with Concert in Peel Lifeboat House

As part of the closing events for the year long initiative Isle of Architecture, a special concert reflected a diverse use of a very special building in Peel.

Isle of Architecture is a celebration of the built environment, encouraging appreciation of the Island's rich, architectural heritage, as well as exploring the future of building on the Isle of Man itself.

Reflections of life in a Breton village post 1914

In an item on the Mannin Branch of the Celtic League facebook page Bernard Moffatt recounts a recent conversation he had with Allen Moore the League's Environment Officer about the book 'The Horse of Pride':

'Allan recalled a Breton book he had heard of at University and indeed he attended a talk given on it in French - no mean feat as a colleague sitting with him had to translate as the talk progressed.

Glasgow Paddle Steamer Waverley celebrates 70 years since maiden voyage

The Paddle Steamer Waverley is close to Glaswegian hearts. Built on the Clyde she first entered service in June 1947 and is now the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world. Waverley is named after Scottish historical novelist, playwright and poet Sir Walter Scott’s first novel. She is powered by a triple-expansion marine steam engine. PS Waverley sailed from Craigendoran on the Firth of Clyde to Arrochar on Loch Long until 1973 when she was sadly withdrawn from service being seen at the time as too costly to operate by the then owners and was in need of significant repairs.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017 gets underway

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017 opened today (21st June) in Scotland's capital and the film God's Own Country features at the opening night gala. The festival ends on 2nd July. Established in 1947, it is the world's oldest continually running film festival and shows a range of feature-length films, documentaries, short films, animations and music videos. Information about this years event are on the festival website.

Celts celebrate summer solstice 2017

Today, Wednesday 21st June, celebrations are taking place in the Celtic nations to welcome the summer solstice. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and in the northern hemisphere it can fall on different dates from year to year between 20 and 22 June. In the southern hemisphere it is between December 20 and December 23. The winter solstice which is the shortest day of the year falls between 20 and 23 December in the north.  In the Celtic homelands in 2017, this will be on 21st December.

Isle of Man: Remembering Manx Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Cyclist Peter Buckley

With Cyclefest in the can and the British Cycling National Road Championships looming on the horizon, it's a fitting opportunity to remember the Island's first gold-winning Commonwealth Games medallist who set the pace in cycling during the 1960s, but died tragically in the midst of his ongoing success.

Peter Buckley was born in Peel to Joan (née Quayle) and Louis Buckley, a member of the Peveril Camp Guard, and although he later relocated to Oldham in Lancashire he always maintained he was proud to be a Manx man; returning regularly for training.

The Gaelic League Condemn Government Move to Downgrade the Gaeltacht

Seven years in to the “20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language 2010-2030", the Gaelic League have condemned the action of the new Irish Prime Minister’ to downgrade the Gaeltacht in a move that has set off alarm bells amongst supporters of the Irish Tongue. Conradh na Gaeilge (Gaelic League) have expressed “Serious Concern” that “Gaeltacht” is no longer specifically mentioned in the title of the state department with responsibility for Gaeltacht and Gaelic Language affairs.

What is Cornish Culture?


An opinion piece by Craig Weatherhill

 I WAS once asked to define Cornish culture and the only realistic answer I could give was this:  “Read the three-part work Cornwall and Its People, written by A.K.Hamilton Jenkin between 1932 and 1934.  Read every word and, once you’ve got through its 487 pages, you will have at least scratched the surface and given yourself a general idea of what it is.

Breton Saint Ronan

Submitted by Padrig Morin

Breton Saint: Sant Ronan - Saint Ronan

Sant Ronan (also called Reun in Breton) was born in Ireland in the 5th century from pagan parents. He travelled to Brittany where he landed in Pors Liogan in Leon province circa 500. there an angel requested him to go and live in Breton Cornwall ( village of locronan) to save his soul. He may still have been weak in his new faith at the time. His pagan parents were converted by Sant Padrig (Saint Patrick) .

Welsh Parliament / Senedd Cymru supported as new name for National Assembly of Wales

The National Assembly for Wales (Welsh: Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru) is set to be renamed the Welsh Parliament / Senedd Cymru. After a public consultation sixty-one percent of nearly 3,000 responses agreed to a change of name as the best option. The assembly was given the power to rename itself under the 2017 Wales Act. Last July Assembly members had unanimously backed the idea and subsequently it was put out to public consultation. Legislation on assembly reforms, which will include the change of name, are to be published by the Assembly Commission in 2018.


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