Launch of Manx Gaelic version of 'Neen y Ghruffalo / the Gruffalo's Child

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Launch of Manx Gaelic version of 'Neen y Ghruffalo / the Gruffalo's Child

The continued growth in support and interest in the Manx Language will receive another boost shortly with the release of 'Neen y Ghruffalo/ the Gruffalo's Child.

Gaelic Language Revival in Nova Scotia Strengthens - Cape Breton Student Activists Call For Qualified Gaelic Speaking Staff

 The Cape Breton Post has published a letter to the newspaper's editor under the headline "Gaelic Students Ask For Teachers Fluent in the Language".  This is a stunning example of the revival of the Gaelic language in Nova Scotia which was home to 100,000 Scots Gaelic speakers in the late 1800's.  A group of students who are passionately committed to the revival of the Gaelic tongue in Nova Scotia after decades of malign neglect at the hands of the Provincial government, have taken a stand. 

Tony Piper, Cornish Patriot RIP

On 18th October in Kernow many were shocked to be informed of the untimely passing of Tony Piper.

'Pipes' as he was known to so many, was an 'Old Hill Boy' from Falmouth, Cornwall.

Pipes served as a police officer and he was always an outstanding Cornish patriot.

Scottish National Party Leader and Scotland’s First Minister tells SNP Conference - ‘We Are Scotland’s Independence Generation’.

At the Scottish National Party Conference in Perthshire, Scotland, Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland spoke to a packed and enthusiastic conference hall. Outlining a clear programme of gain for the Scottish people within an independent Scotland, he outlined the benefits for Scotland if people voted Yes to Scottish Independence.

Rage At Irish Government - Budget Cuts Savage Irish Language Programs

The Galway Advertiser, under the headline "Budget a Hammer Blow to Gaeltacht", reports outrage at  funding cuts announced by Dublin to programs that support the Gaeltacht (Irish Language Areas of Ireland). Senator Trevor O' Clochtartaigh, the spokesman for the Irish language and Gaeltacht for the political party of Sinn Fein, is quoted in the article citing the impact of the cuts on infrastructure supporting the Gaeltacht:  "another example of the lack of respect the Government has for the Irsih language and those who speak it."

Scotland's Gaelic Language College Boasts Largest Graduation Class in its 40 Year History

Scotland's "Island News and Advertiser", which is linked below, reports that the Sabhal Mor Ostaig, the only college in the world which grants degrees entirely in the medium of Scots Gaelic, have graduated a record number of students. This is a significant milestone in the revitalisation of the Gaelic Tongue in Scotland.

Lowender Peran-Celebrates Cornwall's Heritage of Song, Dance and Traditional Music, and Links with the other Celtic Nations

Celebrating Cornwall’s Heritage and Celtic links. Lowender Peran has performances from Cornwall and the other Celtic Nations of Brittany, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales. The festival takes place between 16 – 20 October 2013 at the Ponsmere Hotel, Perranporth, Cornwall.

See their website for details:

Government Acts to Minimise Damage to the Welsh Tongue Caused by Property Developers

The Welsh Government  have announced on their web site that local planning authorities in Wales will be required to consult with the office of the Welsh Language Commissioner (Meri Huws) when preparing local development plans.  This move is intended to mitigate disruption to Welsh speaking areas caused by property development.  The announcement was made on the Government's website under the following headline: "Housing and Regeneration Minister, Carl Sargeant, today published guidance on how the Welsh language should be considered in the planning system". 

Paisley is Host to Scotland's Celebration of Gaelic Culture - The Royal National Mod

The historic Scottish city of Paisley is the host to the 2013 Royal National Mod.  The event, sponsored by the Highland Association, will run through 19 October.  At its founding 121 years ago in the late 1800's, the Royal National Mod was modelled after the Welsh Eisteddfod. The 2013 Paisely festival is expected to attract 20,000 visitors and approxiamately 3,000 have registerd to perform. The Festival includes musical performances, dramatic presentations, dance, readings in Gaelic literature and various art exhibitions.    

English Try to Deny Cornish National Identity

Pontificating from his home in Essex, England, the leader of the English Democrat party, the self-styled English national party, Robin Tilbrook, stated that, “The census figures show that not many people are precious about declaring themselves as Cornish”! This is in reference to the recently released 2011 census in relation to how people in Cornwall define their national identity.


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