Scottish Parliament Promotes Use of Gaelic Language Services

The Scottish Parliament reflecting its commitment to give Scots Gaelic parity with English has called for visitors to Parliament, Members of the Scottish Parliament and Parliamentary Staff to learn and use Gaelic. 

Welsh Language Promotion Linked to Economic Growth

The Task and Finish Group on Welsh Language and Economic Development, established by the Welsh Economy, Science & Transport Ministry, have been assigned the objective of exploring the relationship between Welsh language usage and economic development. The group has invited interested parties in the business community to submit recommendations for developing strategies for jointly promoting the Welsh language in tandem with economic growth.  

Cornish Language Proposal Submitted To Truro City Council

Truro City Council is to investigate a proposal submitted by Councillor Conan Jenkin.  The proposal now before the Council is to install Cornish language signage advertising local amenities.

Scottish Parliament Launches Celtic Language Plan - Minister urges Equality with English

The Scottish Parliament launched its second Gaelic Language Plan at a reception on May 15, 2013.

The Gaelic Development Minister for the Scottish Government, Dr. Alasdair MacCaluim, was quoted by the Governments website urging that Gaelic enjoy equal status with English: "I am pleased to introduce our latest Gaelic Language Plan as it demonstrates the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body's ongoing commitment to Gaelic, and to the principle that Gaelic should be given equal respect with English, as set out in the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act."

President of Ireland charges that lack of government services in Irish language is a denial of human rights

President of Ireland, Michael Higgins, has addressed the “International Conference on Language Rights” held in Dublin May 23-25, 2013.  The conference is sponsored by the “Office of An Coimisineir” established by the Irish Government under the provisions of the “Official Languages Act of 2003” which aims to increase the use of the Irish language by government employees.  The Conference is also sponsored by Cardiff University.

Happy St Yves' Day

To all our Breton friends, Happy St Yves' Day on 19th May. St Yves Day is widely celebrated in Brittany and around the Breton world. Our best wishes to everyone in Brittany and around the world who are celebrating Saint Yves Day.

Saint Yves was born on 17th October 1253 at Kermartin in Brittany. He graduated in civil law and became a lawyer and judge who was famous for defending the poor without taking payment. Saint Yves was ordained in 1284 and when he retired from law in 1287 became a preacher. The feast day marks the date of his death on 19th May 1303 at Louannec, Brittany.

Scottish Highlands Music Students in Cultural Exchange with Donegal

As reported in the Donegal News, members of the Letterkenney music school "Ceol na Ciolle" are hosting the "Cairngorms Ceildh Trail" student music group based in the Cairgorms National Park region of the Scottish Highlands.

Celtic Origins to be studied at the University of Wales

The University of Wales Centre for advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies in Aberystwyth has received a grant to fund a three year project to investigate the origins of the Celts. The focus of the study will be to investigate the "Archeological background of the emergence of the Celtic languages in Western Europe".

Celtic Beltane Festival, New Franklin, Ohio

The 9th Annual Celtic Beltane Festival, takes place in New Franklin, Ohio on 18th May. This exciting event has dancing, music and great family entertainment. Details are as below:

A Screening of Irish Cinema Newport Beach Film Festival, California

On Sunday, April 28th, 2013 at the 14th annual Newport Beach Film Festival there will be an evening celebration of Celtic cinema and culture. The festival will present its Irish Spotlight that will feature the world premiere of the Irish film the O'Briens. The event will be followed by a reception.

The independent feature film is set in the west of Ireland where a family return to their home town. Two years after the death of his wife a father calls his two sons (Liam McMahon & Emmett Hughes) and daughter (Slaine Kelly) home where he has important news for them . The comedy looks at the dilemmas faced by each family member as they return home. Emmett Hughes and Slaine Kelly co-wrote the script for the film.


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