Cornish People Finally Officially Recognised as a Celtic National Minority Group!!

The media information from the Celtic League says it all as Cornwall erupted into celebrations this night:

"The Cornish people are to be recognised as a national minority group by the UK Government after 15 years of campaigning.

Triumph & Jubilation: London Bows To Kernow - Cornwall Formally Recognised as a Celtic Nation

This is an excerpt from an article in the Independent under the headline, "Cornish People Formally Declared A National Minority Along With Scots, Welsh and Irish":

The Government will announce on Thursday that the Cornish are joining the Scots, Welsh and Irish as official members of the UK’s Celtic minorities. The decision is a victory for campaigners who have long insisted that, beyond its image as the motherland of the pasty and clotted cream, Cornwall has a distinct language and culture worthy of formal recognition.

English Heritage, the BBC, Cornwall and democracy! An open letter sent to Cornwall's MPs

22 April, 2014

Dear Members of Parliament for Cornwall

The Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League has a growing number of members who live across Cornwall and indeed beyond - members who live in your constituencies.

Thousands March in Support of Reunification of Brittany

The successful and peaceful demonstration of over ten thousand people in Nantes on 19th April can leave no doubt that there is a strong desire for the reunification of Brittany. Loire-Atlantique needs to take its rightful position within the ancient Celtic nation of Brittany, from which it should never have been split. The good natured rally saw a sea of Breton flags and banners in what was one of the biggest shows of support for reunification, with people from all sections of Breton society taking part.

Newport City Council Defies Reason and Logic – Claims Welsh Speakers Cannot Be Found To Provide Government Services

The Newport Council is claiming that “It would be impossible to deliver telephone services equally in Welsh and English”. Under the headline “Newport Council Can’t Provide Service In Welsh”, the website “SouthWalesArgus” is reporting that the Authority issued this statement in response to the Welsh Language Commissioner’s investigation into the proposed standards for the provision of Welsh language services by local Council authorities.

Isle of Man Stamps: The Battle of Clontarf

As Ireland prepares to celebrate the millennium of the Battle of Clontarf, Isle of Man Stamps has issued a set of six stamps to commemorate one of the most definitive battles of Irish history.

But the Isle of Man is closely linked to this event by the Vikings Bródir and Óspak, who gathered a substantial army of men in the western port of Peel before heading off to fight, taking with him a large number of Manx Vikings.

And although stories differ in the retelling, it is suspected that they were implicated in the death of Brian Boru.

Support the Reunification of Brittany Rally

The scene is set for a large rally in support of the reunification of Brittany to be held tomorrow the 19th April 2014 in Nantes. Support has poured in from cultural and political organisations throughout Brittany and also beyond with The Celtic League also expressing solidarity (see the information from their website below).

Good News for Scottish Gaelic Broadcasting

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has announced a new package of funding for Scottish Gaelic broadcasting. The additional £2.1 million pounds is being made available to MG Alba. MG Alba is the operating name for Seirbheis nam Meadhanan Gàidhlig (Gaelic Media Service) which funds Scottish Gaelic television and radio programmes in cooperation with other broadcasters. The announcement was made at the opening ceremony of MG Alba’s new headquarters in Steòrnabhagh (Stornoway) on Leòdhas (Lewis) in Scotland's Na h-Eileanan Siar (Outer Hebrides).

Cornwall Branch Celtic League expresses solidarity with Brittany!

In the face of increased demonstrations in Breizh with the spread of the grass roots 'Red Bonnets' movement, the Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League - An Kesunyans Keltek Scoren Kernewek have issued the following message of support:


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