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Castledermot High Crosses - St Dairmuids Cross

There was a monastery founded here in the early ninth century by St Dairmuid. In the present churchyard there now stands two ninth century high crosses and a tenth century round tower. The two granite crosses have carved biblical scenes the best preserved of which is the ten foot high north cross. The remains of the round tower is about sixty-five feet in height.

Moone High Cross

Within the site of a monastery, which is believed to have been founded by St Columba in the mid-sixth century, is a seventeen foot high cross dating from around the eighth century. It is carved on all four sides with biblical scenes. There are also the remains of another cross, possibly ninth century close by.

Brownshill Portal Tomb - Tuama Ursanach Chnoc an Bhrúnaigh

Brownshill Portal Tomb - Tuama Ursanach Chnoc an Bhrúnaigh

Brownshill Portal Tomb - Tuama Ursanach Chnoc an Bhrúnaigh, is a Portal Tomb with a very large and heavy capstone supported by three uprights and two boulders. There is evidence of another upright nearby. It was built between 4000 and 3000 BC. 

Kilkenny Castle - Caisleán Cill Chainnigh

The stone castle, first constructed on the site in 1213, replaced an earlier wooden structure. The castle was square with towers at each corner and three of these still remain. The Butler family bought the castle in 1391 and lived there until 1935. In 1967 the castle was given to the Nation and the castle and grounds are now open to the public.

Kells Priory

This is a priory founded in 1193 by Geoffrey FitzRobert. It is a national Monument and has a distinctive series of Tower Houses set along the walls. It had been the site of a number of attacks prior to it's dissolution in 1540.

Kilree Round Tower

This stands at over 85 feet in height and is thought to date from the eighth to eleventh century.

Irish National Heritage Park Wexford

The park takes you through 9000 years of Irish history. A Heritage Trail covering 35 acres will take you through a recreation of places of ritual and historical dwellings. The site is open throughout the year; visit their website for more information.

Dunbrody Abbey & Visitors Centre

Dunbrody was a Cistercian Abbey founded in 1170 and completed in the early thirteenth century and a fifteenth century tower added. It was dissolved under the rule of Henry VIII. Next to the Abbey is Dunbrody Castle and Visitors Centre with a craft shop and small museum. In the grounds is a maze made with 1,500 yew trees.

Harristown Portal Tomb

The site consists of two roofstones, the remains of a cairn and low side walls.

Gaulstown Burial Chamber

This is a Portal Tomb dating from the Neolithic period and made up of a large capstone and upright stones supporting it.


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