Launch of Mollag Band's New CD

The launch of The Mollag Band's new CD, Afloat, took place on the final day of Yn Chruinnaght as part of events being held on the forecourt of the House of Manannan in Peel, where a large crowd gathered to hear the popular local band, followed by a selection of other Celtic musicians and dancers.

Bathed in warm, summer sunshine the seven-strong Mollag Band presented a selection of songs and tunes based on their extensive repertoire, including material from their new CD.

Boost for Yes to Scottish Independence Campaign as Tony Blair backs No

As reported on the Scottish National Party (SNP) website the Yes campaign has received a boost due to the support for a No vote from deeply unpopular ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Voicing his support for the anti-independence Better Together campaign is seen as a major embarrassment to them. Blair’s support for the Iraq war on false pretences marred his period of premiership in the UK.

News from Celtic League - Rebranding of coastal path represents “a wrong move in Cornwall”

This news just published by the Celtic League:

News from Celtic League - Rebranding of coastal path represents “a wrong move in Cornwall”

The Kernow branch has written a letter to ‘Natural England’ expressing concern about the news that this organisation is currently thinking of rebranding Cornwall’s coastal footpath as ‘England Coast Path’

If the decision was taken by Natural England to continue with the rebranding for Cornwall, then Ordnance Survey, the ‘Mapping Authority for Great Britain’, will be forced to change all their new maps of Cornwall.

Voting Yes to Scottish Independence is good for your health

On BBC Radio programme Crossfire the former chief medical officer Sir Harry Burns said that a Yes vote in Scotland’s referendum would be beneficial for Scottish people’s health.  Sir Harry said that if people of an independent Scotland felt more in control of their lives "then that would be very positive for their health".

The Good Gaelic, The Old Gaelic She Loves – Anna MacDonald MacKinnon

Seldom does one come across a newspaper article that so poignantly touches as many of the critical elements related to the struggle of the Celtic tongue. The past, present and future of Nova Scotia Scots Gaelic are in sharp focus in an article by Francis Campbell in the Halifax “Chronicle Herald” under the headline “Inverness Area Elder Prefers ‘Taste’ of a Chat in Gaelic”.

Brittany sold out again - but the campaign for reunification continues

The Map of the Regions has now been adopted by the National Assembly. The borders of Brittany remain the same and as predicted the parti socialiste representatives sold out and denied Bretons what they have demanded for so long – Brittany reunified. This was a golden opportunity to right the wrong committed in 1941 when Nantes and Loire-Atlantique were undemocratically rendered asunder from the rest of the historic nation of Brittany.

Rise in Support for Scottish Independence as Labour Supporters Switch to Yes Vote

As reported in the Scottish newspaper, The Herald, a new opinion poll today reveals that the Yes Campaign is winning over Scotland’s Labour Party supporters. This comes despite the Labour Party forming an alliance with the Tories and Liberal Democrats in Scotland against independence. Over the last three months this shows a significant rise of 7% of Labour voters switching to support an independent Scotland.

The Cornish Language Partnership Launches "Speak Cornish Week"

The Cornish Language Partnership (MAGA) have announced “Speak Cornish Week – 2014”.  The website “this is the west county” is reporting under the headline “Speak Cornish Week Celebrates Unique Heritage Following Minority Status” that the Cornish Language Partnership Chair, Councillor Julian German, will launch the event on July 21.

Manx Blues Guitarist Davy Knowles to Perform at Yn Chruinnaght

This year's inter-Celtic Manx festival, Yn Chruinnaght, promises a bumper bundle of events during mid July, but to get you in the mood there'll be a selection of Manx, Irish and Menorcan dance displays in the Mooragh Park and the annual Ian O'Leary Lecture in Ramsey as part of the celebrations for Manx National Week.

Largely based in Peel, the festival provides a great opportunity to hear some talented musicians from both at home and abroad and learn something new, with a number of events free of charge.

Brittany Awaits French Decision on Regional Reorganisation. The Voice of the Breton People for reunification has to be heard.

As widely reported for many weeks the proposals upon regional reorganisation being undertaken in France and its impact upon the ancient nation of Brittany will soon be revealed. There has been a lot of speculation about the outcome. The clear will of the Breton people has been that Brittany should return to its historic boundaries. That is the reunification of Nantes and the Loire Atlantique with the rest of Brittany from which it was ruthlessly torn by the Vichy regime in 1941.


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