Crogh y brattagh Albinagh - Fly the Scottish flag. Manx support for Scottish Independence

Poor Scotland has just had to endure the patronising presence of the English leaders of the three largest parties in the UK parliament. David Cameron (Conservative) Ed Miliband (Labour) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat). Even within England these three men are viewed with scorn and derision. In a panic response after opinion polls showed increasing support for an independent Scotland, these representatives of the British establishment managed to find Scotland on the map and travel north. 'Too little too late' is the response of most Scottish voters to their visit.

Ewch Amdani Alba - Go For It Scotland! Support for Scottish Independence from Wales

The Welsh campaign group supporting Scottish independence Ewch Amdani Alba - Go For It Scotland is holding a rally on Saturday 13th September. It will be held at 2pm outside the Senedd in Cardiff. Ewch Amdani Alba!

Celtic League News - Scottish Independence Statement

This just published by the Celtic League:

Celtic League News - Scottish Independence Statement

In just over a week’s time, the Scottish people are about to make one of the most important political decisions in the history of our Celtic nations.

Celtic League News - Manx Chief Minister Asked Priorities

This news release just published by the Celtic League:

Celtic League News - Manx Chief Minister Asked Priorities

This week world leaders come together with the United Nations (UN) and civil society organisations in Samoa to articulate small island priorities for the next 20 years.

Welsh Language Society Condemns Sports Network Plan to Scrap Welsh Language Programming

The always excellent “The Daily Wales” website is reporting under the headline “Appeal to UFEA over Sky decision to abolish Welsh language commentary” that a major  network is to scrap some of its Welsh language programming.

The global network Sky Sports has announced it will no longer offer Welsh language commentary during the broadcast of Wales football internationals.  This in turn has earned the condemnation of the Welsh Language Society (Cymdeithas Yr Laith).

Tribute to a Celtic Icon – The Passing of Buddy MacMaster

"Buddy MacMaster brought Cape Breton music to the world and influenced a generation of Celtic musicians. His gift of music will live on for generations to come." – Nova Scotia Premiere Stephen McNeil

Manx Folk Dance Society 60th Anniversary Festival Concert DVD

This colourful extravaganza was recorded as part of the International Folk Dance Festival held at the Villa Marina, with the support of the Isle of Man Arts Council, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Manx Folk Dance Society, featuring a diverse range of culture and folk dance from the Isle of Man, the UK and Europe.

New ASDA Store in Cornwall to use Cornish Language

This news just published by the Kernow Branch of the Celtic League:

Pathway to the Sun

This emotionally charged drama, held at the Centenary Centre in Peel, focused on five central characters from the close of World War I up to the beginning of World War II; with some of our top vocalists taking the starring roles - including this year's Cleveland Medal winner Mandy Griffin.

Kernow Branch News: ‘English Heritage – Cornwall, the Cornish people and their language’

This news just published by the Celtic League:

Celtic League News

The Kernow Branch has released the announcement below:

“English Heritage Director, Alex Page, is to meet with representatives of the Cornwall Branch Celtic League to discuss ‘the way ahead’.

The quango ‘English Heritage’ currently administers many of Kernow’s ancient and historic sites ranging from round house courtyard villages, standing stones and the like to various castles, the latter on behalf of the Duke of Cornwall.


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