Welsh miners who paid for Maesteg Hospital remembered

A special bronze plaque commemorating miners who helped found the town's community hospital 102 years ago was unveiled in the Welsh town of Maesteg yesterday (29th October). Miners from the Llynfi Valley donated a penny a week from their own hard earned wages to enable the hospital to be built in 1914. Over the years many increased their contributions to support the hospital and provide a vital health service, which continues to serve the Llynfi Valley.

Originally run by the Red Cross the hospital cared for injured soldiers from the First World War. Many patients have been treated over the years, including many ill and injured miners. The bronze plaque is a copy of one which is already on display in the hospital's foyer. The unveiling of the new plaque in the town centre is a thank you and ensures that the sacrifice of the miners will never be forgotten. The Maesteg Hospital League of Friends raised the money for the plaque which was designed by local sculptor and artist Geoff Fahey. A special service was held in Maesteg at the ceremony with readings and songs from the Maesteg Children's Choir and Côr Meibion Maesteg a'r Cylch.

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