Cornish Language Nursery Appeal

Celtic League Kernow Branch member, Mike Chappell, writes below about an appeal to raise funds to set up the first OfSTED registered Cornish language nursery in Cornwall. OfSTED is a government organisation that inspects schools. All nurseries in Cornwall need to be registered with this organisation to care and educate children.

Tensions Mount over Property Development in Welsh Speaking Areas - Damage to Language Condemned

The struggle to protect the Welsh tongue from the adverse effects of continued migration into Wales is reaching a boiling point and follows up on news reports earlier this month on moves by the Welsh government to force consideration by local Councils of the negative impact on the language caused by property development schemes.  

"Bevañ, divizout, labourat e Breizh" Announce Rally on 2nd November in Quimper Brittany

"Bevañ, divizout, labourat e Breizh" is a collective made up of community representatives from throughout Brittany. They have called on people to assemble in Quimper in Brittany on 2nd November to protest against the French state’s intention of imposing the “Ecotax”. They seek to bring together all sectors of Breton society to demand a fair deal for Brittany and to get the French government to stop the introduction of the so called eco-tax.

Brittany in Uproar Over French Imposed Tax

In a disgraceful show of heavy handedness by the French state a number of Breton protestors were badly injured on Saturday in demonstrations against the French imposed “Ecotax” in Pont-de-Buis.  Due to come into effect in January 2014 the tax is supposed to encourage the use of environmentally friendly transport by adding a levy on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. However this completely ignores the specific situation in Brittany where the agricultural sector is a vital part of the Breton nation’s economy.

Outrage as UK State Bank Cuts Welsh Language Services - Welsh Language Commissioner Takes Case to High Court

The National Savings & Investment  (NS&I) bank is the subject of an application for  Judicial Review filed by the Welsh Langauge Commissioner Meri Huws.  The suit is response to the NS&I decision to discontinue offering bank services in the Welsh language.

Launch of Manx Gaelic version of 'Neen y Ghruffalo / the Gruffalo's Child

Press Release

Launch of Manx Gaelic version of 'Neen y Ghruffalo / the Gruffalo's Child

The continued growth in support and interest in the Manx Language will receive another boost shortly with the release of 'Neen y Ghruffalo/ the Gruffalo's Child.

Gaelic Language Revival in Nova Scotia Strengthens - Cape Breton Student Activists Call For Qualified Gaelic Speaking Staff

 The Cape Breton Post has published a letter to the newspaper's editor under the headline "Gaelic Students Ask For Teachers Fluent in the Language".  This is a stunning example of the revival of the Gaelic language in Nova Scotia which was home to 100,000 Scots Gaelic speakers in the late 1800's.  A group of students who are passionately committed to the revival of the Gaelic tongue in Nova Scotia after decades of malign neglect at the hands of the Provincial government, have taken a stand. 

Tony Piper, Cornish Patriot RIP

On 18th October in Kernow many were shocked to be informed of the untimely passing of Tony Piper.

'Pipes' as he was known to so many, was an 'Old Hill Boy' from Falmouth, Cornwall.

Pipes served as a police officer and he was always an outstanding Cornish patriot.

Scottish National Party Leader and Scotland’s First Minister tells SNP Conference - ‘We Are Scotland’s Independence Generation’.

At the Scottish National Party Conference in Perthshire, Scotland, Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland spoke to a packed and enthusiastic conference hall. Outlining a clear programme of gain for the Scottish people within an independent Scotland, he outlined the benefits for Scotland if people voted Yes to Scottish Independence.

Rage At Irish Government - Budget Cuts Savage Irish Language Programs

The Galway Advertiser, under the headline "Budget a Hammer Blow to Gaeltacht", reports outrage at  funding cuts announced by Dublin to programs that support the Gaeltacht (Irish Language Areas of Ireland). Senator Trevor O' Clochtartaigh, the spokesman for the Irish language and Gaeltacht for the political party of Sinn Fein, is quoted in the article citing the impact of the cuts on infrastructure supporting the Gaeltacht:  "another example of the lack of respect the Government has for the Irsih language and those who speak it."


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