Manx Music Celebration - Mollag Ghennal 2013

Davy Knowles

Once again the annual Mollag Ghennal bridged the gap between Christmas and the New Year with a fine selection of  music, song and dance at the Masonic Hall in Douglas, Isle of Man (Mannin). Organised by the mighty Mollag Band (new CD out soon) it was, as usual, a sell-out as revellers enjoyed a range of Manx traditional music from the contemporary scene.

Lately there's been a surge of young musicians coming to the fore with their own unique approach to Manx folk music, many of whom entertained an enthusiastic audience with some of their latest arrangements.

Compered by Bob Carswell, the evening kicked off with some lively unaccompanied singing by Manx Gaelic choir Caarjyn Cooidjagh and was swiftly followed by Manx vocalist Ruth Keggin accompanied by David Kilgallon. Musicians ebbed and flowed throughout the night with appearances by the Barefoot Quartet (with special guest Cairistiona Dougherty), and some spirited entertainment by four young and energetic Manx dancers.

Demand For Irish Medium Education in Ulster - The Success Of The Irish Tongue In The News

The Ulster Star reports, under the headline "Irish Language School Gets The Go Ahead", that a new Irish Medium school is to be constructed in the village of Crumlin in County Antrim.  Crumlin has grown into a center of the Irish Language revival in Northern Ireland.  With an active Irish medium Primary School and Nursery, the continued success and growth of Irish in this area of Ireland is assured into the next generation.  Local organisations conduct fund raising efforts to support Irish education in Crumlin which reflects a true community effort to preserve the tongue.  

Campaign Intensifies to Free "The Chronicles of the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles"

The campaign to have the "Chronicles of the kings of Mann and the Isles", a mediaeval manuscript compiled around 1257 A. D. returned to Isle of Man (Mannin) has intensified.  Written and compiled on the Island’s Rushen Abbey the Chronicles record major events in Manx history from 1000 A.D. to 1316 A.D. They look at the Islands place as the centre of the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles .

"Parents For Welsh Medium Education" Challenge Local Councils To Improve Plans for Teaching Our Children in Welsh

The website "SouthWalesArgus" reports under the headline "Warning To Councils Over Welsh Schools",  that the Welsh Language Group, "Rhieni Dros Addysg Gymraeg"  (RhAG) have called on local Councils in Wales to "take ownership of their duty"  under the provisions of the Welsh Government's "Schools Standards and Organisation Act".  This legislation, passed in January of this year, places a statutory requirement on local education authorities to submit a "Welsh in Education Strategic Plan" to Cardiff for review and approval.

A Boost For The Welsh Language - A Plan To Strengthen Welsh Speaking Areas (Y Fro Gymraeg)

In an article entitled "A Boost For the Welsh Speaking Heartland ",  the website "Click on Wales" reports on an announcement made by the Chair of a Welsh Government Policy Group on to increase the number of communities where Welsh is spoken as the main language. These recommenations along with the group's members are listed below.

“Can you give food to the food bank this Christmas?”

This is issued by the Celtic League Information Service:


“Can you give food to the food bank this Christmas?” Cameron asked

A six year old girl from Camborne has prompted her father to write again to the Prime Minister of the UK again about the growing number of people using food banks in her community.

Submarine Narrowly Misses Fishing Boat off Coast of Ireland

News from the Celtic League

The appearance of a submarine off the coast of Donegal coast in Ireland/Eire this week, narrowly missing a fishing boat, prompted a plethora of enquiries from journalists wanting to speak with the League’s Director of Information, Bernard Moffatt.

Cornish Language Fellowship Success - Funding Obtained For Cornish Language Children's Books

The website "This Is Cornwall" reports that the Cornish Language Fellowship (Kowethas) have obtained funding for Cornish language children's books utilising innovative fund raising techniques on the internet: "Kowethas is a charity, that works to promote the use of Cornish in everyday life.

Bannaghtyn y Shass greiney geuree

Bannaghtyn y Shass greiney geuree ooilley Cheltiagh pobble ayns Kernow, Alba, Éire, Cymru, Breizh  voin ayns Mannin 

(Greetings on Winter Solstice to all of the Celtic community in Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany from us in Isle of Man)

Hevva! Hevva! - Waitrose all at sea with foreign fish!

Waitrose Sardine

Hevva! Hevva!

Waitrose all at sea with foreign fish!

Waitrose Supermarkets, which has just the one store in Cornwall at Saltash (called ‘Essa’ in Cornish, not that Waitrose could ever understand that!) appear to be all at sea over their fish.

Much band width on social media sites has recently been taken up by discussions over a mysterious new fish found in Cornwall and marketed by Waitrose, preferred store of Duke Charles, notably the ‘Cornish sardine’.

Further, these ‘sardines’ are marked as Cornish by the inclusion of an English flag of Saint George on the product.

Geographically challenged Waitrose have apparently not heard of Cornish pilchards, the staple diet of generations of Cornish people and of the many traditions surrounding that great fish. Nor are they apparently aware of the fact that Cornwall (called ‘Kernow’ by thousands but again, this would be a mystery to Waitrose) has its own flag and indeed, its own non English traditions.


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