Boost for Yes to Scottish Independence Campaign as Tony Blair backs No

As reported on the Scottish National Party (SNP) website the Yes campaign has received a boost due to the support for a No vote from deeply unpopular ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Voicing his support for the anti-independence Better Together campaign is seen as a major embarrassment to them. Blair’s support for the Iraq war on false pretences marred his period of premiership in the UK. Despite his efforts to seek a role in international politics it continues to overshadow any credibility he might feel he has. His backing for the Better Together anti-independence campaign could not have come at a worse time. As reported in the Independent newspaper he and the UK Foreign Secretary at the time of the Iraq invasion, Jack Straw, are set to receive criticism from the long running Chilcot Inquiry. Sir John Chilcot is the chair of the public enquiry into the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

As pointed out by Angus Robertson, SNP Westminster leader:

“Tony Blair speaking up for No underlines that only with a Yes vote in September can Scotland avoid any future illegal Westminster wars, and decide a foreign policy based in Scotland’s interests. However much they try, the No campaign cannot distance themselves from such toxic support.”


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