Audrey Randle Pool, cusk yn cres (sleep in peace)

News from Kernow Matters To Us:

We mourn the passing of Audrey Randle Pool, Cornish speaker, who was active in the long running campaign to save and promote our Cornish language. A Bard of Gorsedh Kernow, longstanding officer and member of Agan Tavas (The Society for the Protection and Promotion of the Cornish Language), member of An Guntelles Keltek - Scoren Kernewek (The Cornish Branch of the Celtic Congress) and other Cornish organisations.

Her late husband, Peter (P.A.S.) Pool was a renowned historian, Cornish linguist and author.

Cusk yn cres Audrey.

Kernow kensa ha dhe hes! Kernow bys vyken!

(Audrey stands to the left in the photograph)


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