Brittany - Another Blow For Lost Fishermen's Families

News from the Celtic League:

The ruling this week by France's top judicial court the Court of Cassation has confirmed a decision to close the case of a French trawler that sunk over a decade ago off the Cornish coast, killing all five members on board.

The Bugaled Breizh a well equipped and competently crewed vessel capsized suddenly and sank 14 miles off the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall in January 2004.

Family members and supporter suspect a submarine taking part in a NATO exercise at the time caused the vessel to founder.

France's Court of Cassation ruled there was no evidence to support the claim that a submarine was involved, nor that it was a fishing accident.

Britain's Royal Navy has denied claims that one of its nuclear submarines caused the sinking. A French TV documentary had suggested Plymouth-based submarine HMS Turbulent collided with the vessel before it went down.

For campaigners the one slim chance of judicial redress lies with an ongoing inquest being undertaken by the Cornwall Coroner.

Image: Wreck of the Bugaled Breizh being carried on a barge to a French Naval yard after being raised from the sea bed.

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