Scots Gaelic Needs a Strong Advocate - It is Time for a Gaelic Language Commissioner

A leading advocate for Scots Gaelic in the movement to revitalize the Celtic Tongue has called for the appointment of a Scots Gaelic Language Commissioner. The Post would be similar to current offices held in the Welsh and Irish Governments.

Boundary Commission third consultation - Reasons why any changes to the border of Cornwall are illegal

Reasons why any changes to the border of Cornwall are illegal

PLEASE can ALL KMTU MEMBERS work through the following and COMMUNICATE OBJECTIONS to the Boundaries Commission who are seeking public views for a third occasion.

The evidenced facts below will provide plenty of material for objections as well as containing direct references to the law and treaties and conventions at the end.

Tireless researcher who exposed mass grave of Tuam home babies to receive human rights award

This news item from Yn Commeeys Celtiagh - Celtic News Mannin is about the announcement that Catherine Corless, who has done so much to expose the scandal surrounding the death and burial of almost 800 children and babies at a ‘mother and baby home’ at Tuam, County Galway in the west of Ireland has been awarded the Bar of Ireland Human Rights Award 2017. The home for unmarried mothers and their children operated between 1925 and 1961 in Tuam.

Letter recovered from body of Titanic passenger sold at auction for record price

A world record price has been paid for one of the last known letters to have been penned on the Titanic. Written to his mother on 13 April 1912 by American businessman and passenger Oscar Holverson, it fetched £126,000 at auction at auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son. He was travelling on Titanic with his wife, Mary. She survived when the Titanic sank but Oscar Holverson died. When his body was recovered the letter was found inside a pocket book. The letter still has the sea water stains and the mark of the White Star shipping line.

TODAY we remember the passing of Bob Fitzsimmons 100 years ago!

Bob Fitzsimmons - World Champion Boxer.

Born Helston, Cornwall, on 26th May, 1863, Bob was the youngest of 12 children. His father James Fitzsimmons was a borough constable in Helston.

James Fitzsimmons had been born in Omagh Co.Tyrone.

The 12 children were born between 1839 and 1863
His mother was Jane Strongman was from Truro,Cornwall.

Fitzsimmons and his family emigrated to New Zealand and arrived at Lyttleton, NZ on October 17, 1873. They brought with them only the five youngest children on the Adamant and settled in Timaru, NZ.

Yes Catalunya! Rally at La Baule, Brittany on October 25th

There will be a rally in support of the Catalan people's struggle for the right to decide on independence from Spain in the seaside town of La Baule-Escoublac in southern Brittany. As reported in the Breton website 7SEIZH it will take place on October 25, 2017 at 18:00 at La Baule-Escoublac in front of the stèle dédiée à Lluís Companys.

Rejoicing in Scotland's North American Colony - Haggis Exports to Nova Scotia Resume

The following is an excerpt from the momentous announcemnt by the Scottish Governmnet ( Full text linked below):

Scotland will start exporting haggis to Canada for the first time in almost 50 years, after Macsween of Edinburgh developed  a new recipe that meets Canadian regulations. It follows the lifting of the Canadian ban on red meat imports from Europe in 2015.

Scottish badger sneaks into home for a quick snooze in the cat basket

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA) were called to deal with an unusual incident at a house at Beecraigs Country Park in Linlithgow (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Iucha) this week. An opportunist badger had sneaked into the house through a cat flap, ate the cat's food then promptly made itself cosy on its comfy bed for forty winks.  

Animal rescue officer Connie O'Neil said: "I got a surprise when I arrived at the property and saw a badger having a nap.

Manx politicians smile as they sell the people down the river

Those nations and regions that we see engaged in the struggle for greater autonomy and self determination around Europe and the world are often faced with force, intimidation and suppression. Catalonia is an obvious current example of a people suffering this fate. However, the organisations and local political representatives seeking greater degrees of self determination, have the aspiration to provide a better life for their people, to protect their culture, distinct identity, and to provide social improvements and better living conditions.

Exhibition explores Scotland's thousand year love affair with silver

An exhibition is underway at the National Museum of Scotland on Scotland’s Early Silver. Supported by The Glenmorangie Company the exhibition shows how for Scotland, unlike other parts of Europe, it was silver, not gold, that became the most important precious metal over the course of the first millennium AD. Scotland's Early Silver traces the first thousand years of the Scottish love affair with silver.


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