News from Breizh Amerika: "Breizh On The Road.... Again"

News from Breizh Amerika:

Breizh Amerika is an organization that creates, facilitates, promotes, and sponsors cultural and economic projects that strengthen and foster relations and cooperation between the United States of America and the Celtic nation of Brittany.

Film retraçant la tournée des 7 villes américaines du Breizh Amerika Collective

Appeal to save Monarch of the Glen painting for Scottish Nation

An agreement with the National Galleries of Scotland could see the iconic oil painting of a red deer stag, Monarch of the Glen, saved for the Scottish nation. The owners planned to put the painting up for auction but have now gifted half the estimated £8 million value of the piece to the galleries in the hope that they can raise the remaining £4 million. This would enable the painting to be placed under public ownership.

Latest Data Shows Jump in Irish Speakers – Gaelic Medium Education Grows in Spite of the Hostility of Dublin Elites

Census data shows almost 1.66 million people, aged three years and over, were able to speak Irish in 2006 compared with 1.57 million in 2002. According to Census 2011, the number of people who declared they can speak Irish increased by 7.1 per cent since 2006. - Irish Times

Manx Electric Railway Society Campaign To Save The Horse Trams - Sign The Petition

Douglas (Manx:Doolish) is the capital of the Isle of Man (Mannin). It is also home to The Douglas Bay Horse Tramway (Manx: Raad Yiarn Cabbyl Vaie Ghoolish) the oldest remaining horse-drawn tram service in the world. Founded as the Douglas Bay Tramway, operations began in 1876. In January 2016 Douglas Borough Council announced that it would no longer continue operating the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway due to financial constraints. However, for the 2016-18 seasons, the Manx Government agreed to operate the horse tram service as part of its Isle of Man Heritage Railways portfolio.

Renowned Irish poet John Montague dies aged 87

The Irish poet John Montague (28 February 1929 − 10 December 2016) died early on Saturday morning in the Clinique Parc Impérial in Nice aged 87. Born in New York, John Montague was brought up in Tyrone. One of the best known Irish contemporary poets, he published a number of volumes of poetry, two collections of short stories and two volumes of memoir. He became the first occupant of the Ireland Chair of Poetry in 1998. 

Conference in Brittany on the Irish rebellion of 1916

At 8pm on Thursday, December 15, 2016, Jean-Pierre Le Mat will host a conference "1916-2016 - A century after ... - The Irish rebellion of 1916". As highlighted by the Breton website 7SEIZH, in 2000, he translated texts by Patrick Pearse and edited the book Patrick Pearse and the Irish rebellion of 1916. Political texts and unpublished literature which was published by Coop Breizh. 

'Atlantic' documentary brought the global assault on fisheries into Ireland's sitting rooms

News from the Celtic League:

There was a massive reaction in Ireland to the documentary ‘Atlantic’ shown on RTE last night. It chronicled the struggle of fishing communities around Ireland and farther afield to survive in the face of industrial fishing by super-trawlers.

Celtic League have been publicising for sometime now the carnage that is being wreaked on the marine environment around our shores and globally by these massive factory ships that Greenpeace term ‘Monster Boats’ which can process several hundred tonnes daily and fish for weeks.

Reconstructed face of Robert the Bruce revealed

A digitally-reconstructed image of the face of the Scottish king Robert the Bruce has been unveiled by historians nearly 700 years after his death. The image was produced  using casts made from a skull unearthed when what is confidently believed to be the grave of Scotland’s most famous king was found when Dunfermline Abbey was being rebuilt. The reconstruction is the culmination of a two-year research project at universities in Glasgow and Liverpool.

Breton - Cornish Youth & Breton Cornish Language Exchange

News from Kernow Matters To Us:

Between the 14th and 23rd of July 2016, twelve young Breton speakers aged from 13 to 16 years old, visited Cornwall and stayed with a group of twelve Cornish young people at Tehidy Park.

During this summer camp, they took part in many activities and visits, and shared their common heritage and roots. They spoke Brezhoneg, Kernewek, English, and also a bit of French. The Bretons are very motivated to welcome the Cornish for the return trip in Finistere in 2017.

The battle for Cornwall - assaults continue on us, our land, our language

News from Kernow Matters To Us:


8 Mys Kevardhu 2016

A why agas oll wheg

Welcome to new members

'The land of our birth is the love of our lives'

We take this opportunity to welcome to Kernow Matters To Us (KMTU) the many new members who have joined us.  


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