Illiam Dhône Commemoration 2017 - Mannin (Isle of Man)

This year's Illiam Dhône commemoration starts at 2pm on 2nd January 2017. It is held annually at Hango Hill which is close to the location at which Manx National hero Illiam Dhône was shot on 2nd January 1663 for his part in the Manx Rising of 1651. In heading the Manx Rising Illiam Dhône was clearly motivated to act in the best interests of the Manx people and his Celtic homeland. 

Super Trawlers: are they concentrating off Donegal?

News from the Celtic League:

Just days after the documentary ‘Atlantic’ which highlighted the activities of super trawlers was broadcast by RTE cataloguing the damage that they are wreaking on the livelihood of local fishing communities we started tracking some of the largest of these vessels including the Annelies Ilena and the Willem Van der Zwan. At 14,000 tonnes the Annelies Ilena is the largest trawler in the world.

We found them fishing off Northern Scotland near Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and then they started to make there way south (link):

Scotland - Million acorns collected to expand ancient oak woods

Over a million acorns have been collected as part of a project to expand ancient oakwoods in south west Scotland. The scheme is taking place in Galloway Forest Park which is a woodland park, principally covering woodland in Dumfries and Galloway (Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Phrìs is Gall-Ghaidhealaibh). Over the next few years, Forest Enterprise Scotland will plant the acorns around Loch Trool and the Cree Valley helping to grow some 600,000 young trees.

Celebrating the life of Sophia Morrison champion of Manx culture

Sophia Morrison (24 May 1859 – 14 January 1917) was a Manx cultural activist, folklore collector and author. She was a founder member of Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh (The Manx Language Society) and played an important role in the Celtic revival in her Manx homeland and throughout the Celtic world.  She was an enthusiastic collector and recorder of all things related to Manx culture, including the island's ancient Gaelic language, its folklore, tales and music. In doing so this great patriot did not view her work as just a means to preserve the past.

Donegal’s Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh heads roll of honour in Irish Traditional Music Awards

TG4 (Irish: TG Ceathair) is an Irish public service broadcaster for Irish-language speakers. The annual Gradam Ceoil TG4 is the premier traditional music awards when an independent panel of adjudicators selects recipients each year.  The awards are not seen as a competition but a recognition for extraordinary and talented artists in Irish traditional music. Gradam Ceoil recipients receive a specially-commissioned piece by leading sculptor John Coll as well as a small stipend.  

Glasgow Film Festival 2017 announces special anniversary event screenings

Glasgow Film Festival 2017 takes place on 15 - 26 February 2017. The festival began in 2005 and continues to grow and develop its international reputation. Glasgow Film Festival 2017 has announced special anniversary event screenings of three cult classics that will take place throughout the festival and across Glasgow with further titles to be announced in January. The films are the teen vampire chiller The Lost Boys, which celebrates 30 years since its release in 1987. It will be shown in a secret location event on Friday 17 February with a vampire theme to the event. 

Super trawler off Donegal a mystery no AIS for two days

News from the Celtic League:

Having established that the world’s largest trawler the Annelies Ilena was operating west of the Faroe Islands near an MPA we decided to check the whereabouts of another brute of the sea the Margiris:

The're still at it - we track super trawler near Marine Protected Area

News from the Celtic League:

With the recent broadcast of the documentary ‘Atlantic’ on RTE attracting considerable interest we decided to take time to check on some of the really large super trawlers such as the Annelies Ilena and sure enough its active in the North Atlantic to the west of the Faroe Islands.

Interestingly having traced its fishing pattern we find that it is trawling around what’s called the ‘Faroe - Shetland Sponge Belt’ which just happens to be a Marine Protected Area.

Here’s the description:

“Faroe-Shetland Sponge Belt MPA

Scotland: Protests against oil threat to wildlife in Moray Firth

Protesters gathered on Nairn (Scottish Gaelic: Inbhir Narann) beach yesterday to oppose plans for ship-to-ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth. An inlet of the North Sea, the Moray Firth (Scottish Gaelic: An Cuan Moireach) is the largest firth in Scotland. The Inner Moray Firth is designated as a Special Protection Area for wildlife and noted as an important place on the Scottish coast for observing dolphins and whales. The Cromarty Firth Port Authority wants permission to transfer millions of tonnes of crude oil at sea.


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