Neighbourhood Policing - Scottish Style

News from the Celtic League:

News in this report that the Ministry of Defence Police are to undertake a higher profile in policing the Rosneath Peninsula on the Clyde in the Scottish Sunday Herald (link):…/15009201.Armed_MoD_police…/…

Ireland: Apollo House - Conradh Ceilteach

News from Irish Branch of the Celtic League:

Members of Misneach Wicklow and Misneach Dublin have assisted in the ongoing occupation of Apollo House ( a NAMA vacant office block)  which has been underway by housing activists for over a fortnight now.

There are up to 40 residents housed in the building, who would otherwise be sleeping rough on the streets.

The Charter for Cornwall

News from Kernow Matters To Us:

The Charter for Cornwall (issued by the Charter for Cornwall team)

The Cornish countryside is disappearing at an alarming rate.

Our landscapes are being degraded and urbanised and the character of our towns and villages is changing forever.

Tranquility, the environment and our heritage are ruthlessly ignored.

Our young people are finding it more and more difficult to find an affordable home yet, meanwhile, housing continues to be sold off as second 'homes'.

Isle of Man: Islanders Gather for Annual Illiam Dhone Commemoration

An extensive crowd gathered at Hango Hill, situated between Castletown and Derbyhaven, for the annual ceremony commemorating the execution of William Christian (Illiam Dhone) on the 2nd January, 1662 (or 1663) for his part in the Manx rising of 1651 against the Derby family, who held the Island for the Royalist cause.

Cornwall: Westminster Government Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) decline to release information. Appeal to Independent Information Commissioner launched!

News from Kernow Matters To Us:

As will be widely known, 2016 saw the end of the Westminster Government's return of a rather paltry £150,000 a year of our tax money to support the continued growth and development of the Cornish language. 

This occurred despite the Government's signing of the language charter in 2002 and formal recognition of the Cornish people in 2014. 

Accordingly, a Freedom of Information request was lodged with the relevant Westminster Department seeking background material to cast light on this spiteful decision.

Isle of Man: Mollag Ghennal Hits the Right Note in Peel

The long-running Mollag Ghennal has been a favourite crowd puller at a variety of venues, but this year the annual event was held in the Masonic Hall in Peel, retaining its winning formula of providing some of the best acts in both traditional and new music.

Preserving Our Celtic Heritage - The Brehon Law Academy

Under the Druidical traditions of Celtic Ireland, Gaelic law was passed down orally and was first captured in writing beginning around 450 AD as the Christian scribes began their work. This collection of oral and written laws is known as the Brehon Laws. The Brehons were the jurists of Celtic culture and it took a lifetime of study to become a true proficient. Today the Brehon Law Academy seeks to preserve the ancient Celtic Laws.

Florida Keys Celtic Festival - Rathkeltair, Albannach and Screaming Orphans Headline

North American Celtic Festivals kick off at the 4th Annual Florida Keys Celtic Festival held January 6th through 9th.   The festival will take place in Marathon situated half way between the mainland and Key West.  The 2017 Festival will include Celtic Rock and Traditional music, Irish & Scottish Dancing, Pipes and Drums and Highland Athletics.

Scotland: Historic bagpipes return home to fulfil the dying wish of a former world champion

Archie McGeachy was born in Cambeltown in 1932. He was aged 14 years when identified as someone with promising bagpipe talent and given the gift of a set of Henderson pipes. Using the pipes Archie played at the Queen's Coronation in 1953 at the age of 21 and went on to become a world champion piper. He emigrated to North America  where his interest in piping continued, playing with other talented musicians and as a member of Pipe Bands. He also formed a band in Ontario Canada called Kintyre. Sadly, Archie McGeachy died at the age of 83 years at home in Ontario in November 2015.

Cymru: TV licence fee to be withheld in devolved broadcasting campaign

News from the Celtic League:

Report here from Wales online about what appears to be the start of a direct action campaign by some members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society) to have broadcasting devolved to Wales (link):…/tv-licence-fee-strike-launch…


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