Gorsedh Kernow names nine new Bards for 2017

A deep feeling of pride in being honoured with Cornish bardship will be plain to see this year as 9 proud initiates, 2 of whom are from outside Cornwall, wait to take their place among the 500 or so existing members of the College of Bards of Gorsedh Kernow.

The mystery of Scotland’s Dùn Deardail hillfort

Standing on a rocky knoll on Sgorr Chalum, Dùn Deardail is an Iron Age hillfort above the River Nevis in Glen Nevis. Located at a height of 1,127 ft (347m) Dùn Deardail is overlooked by the mountain of Ben Nevis (Scottish Gaelic: Beinn Nibheis) and is thought to have been constructed by the Celts in the first millennium BC (1000 BC to 1BC). The fort is associated with Deirdrê of the Sorrows, the tragic heroine in Irish pre-Christian legend, whose story is told in the ancient Irish mythology of the Ulster Cycle.

Petition against "Ring of Iron" sculpture in Wales to be presented to Senedd on 18th September 2017

The organisers of the petition to stop the proposed plans for Flint Castle's Iron Ring sculpture have announced that the petition will officially be handed over on the 18th of September. The plan is to organise an event for the hand over, and people are encouraged to attend. The handover will take place on the steps of the Senedd in Cardiff, Wales, CF10 4PZ at 2.30pm so those attending are asked be there at 1pm.

News reportage, anti Cornish abuse, Freedom of Information regarding Cornish language

News from Kernow Matters To Us:


7 VIII 2017

A very warm welcome to our latest members including to those who serve as Councillors. We are glad to have you with us! Together, we all believe that Kernow Matters!

Well over 100,000 people have read our information shots on social media this week alone! These range from political matters to cultural, historical and language issues.

London based media in state of confusion regarding Cornwall

Piran Statute will represent a bond between the Cornish & Breton Nations set in granite!

Stephane Rouget, a Breton Sculptor and his Cornish colleague, David Paton, in Trenoweth Quarry, Mabe today, with the massive slab of Cornish granite which is to become St Piran.

With a millstone of Irish granite from County Mayo, on completion, the statue will be taken to Brittany aboard an old tuna fishing vessel next Summer and erected on a plinth of Breton granite as the 100th statue in the Valley of the Saints.

The Lore and Literature of the Gaels of Scotland, Ireland and Man

The website ‘An Sionnach Fionn' (The White Fox) have published an article that explores the origins of the manuscripts upon which our knowledge of pre-christian Celtic culture is based.  Ironically these sources were often handed down to us through the prism of Christian Monasticism which employed legions of scribes to copy and Christianize the oral traditions of the Celts preserved by the Druidical caste.

A good example of the hijacking of Celtic mythology by the proselytizing Christians in Ireland in the 1st century is the fate of the Celtic Goddess Brigid:

Isle of Man: Manx Performers Fly the Flag at Lorient Inter-Celtic Festival

Recognised as one of Europe's largest festivals, the Lorient Inter-Celtic Festival will be celebrating the Year of Scotland this month, with the prospect of more than seven hundred and fifty thousand visitors attending an extensive programme of events.

Some of those singers and musicians will be representing the Isle of Man, which has a number of both historical and cultural links with Scotland.

Scottish Gaelic language needs to be awarded Unesco status

As reported in a recent article in the Scottish newspaper The Press and Journal on the call for Scottish Gaelic to be granted Unesco status: 

Manx Agriculture Minister responds on Celtic League fishery concerns

News from YN COMMMEEYS CELTIAGH - CELTIC NEWS MANNIN about response of Manx minister to Celtic League resolution on Manx territorial waters:


A positive response here from Agriculture Minister, Geoffrey Boot MHK, following the emergency resolution adopted at the Celtic League AGM on the issue:


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