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Manx Electric Railway Society Campaign To Save The Horse Trams - Sign The Petition

Douglas (Manx:Doolish) is the capital of the Isle of Man (Mannin). It is also home to The Douglas Bay Horse Tramway (Manx: Raad Yiarn Cabbyl Vaie Ghoolish) the oldest remaining horse-drawn tram service in the world. Founded as the Douglas Bay Tramway, operations began in 1876. In January 2016 Douglas Borough Council announced that it would no longer continue operating the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway due to financial constraints. However, for the 2016-18 seasons, the Manx Government agreed to operate the horse tram service as part of its Isle of Man Heritage Railways portfolio.

Conference in Brittany on the Irish rebellion of 1916

At 8pm on Thursday, December 15, 2016, Jean-Pierre Le Mat will host a conference "1916-2016 - A century after ... - The Irish rebellion of 1916". As highlighted by the Breton website 7SEIZH, in 2000, he translated texts by Patrick Pearse and edited the book Patrick Pearse and the Irish rebellion of 1916. Political texts and unpublished literature which was published by Coop Breizh. 

Sophia Morrison Commemoration 2017

News from Mannin Branch Celtic League:

Roy Kennaugh who has been working with a number of groups to organise a commemoration for the 2017 centenary of the death of Sophia Morrison has forwarded details of a quite hefty schedule of events for next month (14th January)

“Saturday, 14th January 2017

Commemoration of Sophia Morrison on the centenary of her death 
Event organised by The Celtic League, Mec Vannin and Celtic Congress.

1.30 Laying of wreath at Sophia Morrison’s grave (Peel Cemetery)

Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in Dakota Access pipeline battle

We recently reported on the shocking level of violence and intimidation used against the Native American community in North Dakota. Protesters from some 200 Native American nations have been objecting to the construction of a huge new oil pipeline which passes over the Missouri River less than a mile upstream from a “reservation” belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Viking-Hiberno Manx Treasure

News from the Celtic League:

The CDN web site has this story about the discovery of rare ancient coins with a Manx link in Co Down:

"Brian Morton, (43), did not immediately realise the significance of his discovery on farmland near Newcastle in Co Down but was convinced he had struck upon something special in May.

"I didn't know what they were at the time. But through time I got to know they were two extremely rare Hibernian-Manx coins.

"I was quite excited to say the least," he said.

Global support grows for Native American fight against oil industry

News from the Celtic League:

We reported recently on the standoff between Native Americans and there supporters over the construction of a major pipeline from South Dakota to Canada (link):

Increasing level of violence and intimidation against Native American community in North Dakota

Shocking news coverage continues to emerge about the levels of violence and intimidation being used against Native American protesters in North Dakota. Protesters from some 200 Native American nations have been objecting to the construction of a huge new oil pipeline which passes over the Missouri River less than a mile upstream from a “reservation” belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. It crosses tribal lands that contain relics that have already been disturbed or damaged during work on the pipeline. There are major concerns that a leak could threaten the area’s water supply.

Announcements in Manx Gaelic to be broadcast on Channel 4

Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster. As part of the Channel’s Voices of Four Project the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh and the Manx language will be used to introduce some of the channel’s programmes over the next few weeks. Bunscoill Ghaelgagh is a Manx-language primary school in St John's, Isle of Man (Manx: Balley Keeill Eoin, Mannin). At the present time it is the only school in the world where children are taught their lessons solely in Manx and which allows children to learn the language fluently.

Human rights worry as former Chinese security minister becomes INTERPOL head

News from the Celtic League:

Interpol the International Criminal Police Organisation is in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

It’s speculated that the appointment of a Chinese national (Meng Hongwei) to head the body could cause problems. (Here’s a link):…/human-rights-worry-as-meng-ho…

Manx Gaelic - Ned Maddrell Lecture Saturday 26th November 2016

News from Manx Language Development Officer for Culture Vannin:

The annual Ned Maddrell Lecture, which is free, features a guest speaker discussing a minority language situation that has a relevance to Manx Gaelic. This year it will be held on Saturday 26th November 2016 at Tynwald Mills Conference Centre at 2pm. The lecture will be on language transmission within the family in Gaidhlig-speaking communities in the Western Isles and will be delivered by Dr Cassie Smith-Christmas; the title is:


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