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Predators Of The Sea Always One Step Ahead Of Politicians

News from the Celtic League:

SUPER TRAWLER UPDATE: We’ve highlighted the activity of super trawlers mainly owned by conglomerates in the EU (Holland) and China that are busy scouring the worlds oceans and sweeping them clean of fish.

Waters to the West of Ireland and on an arc from the Faeroes to Mauritania, West Africa and the Indian Ocean are being swept clean of fish.

Fleets from China now using bases in Mauritania and Vigo (Spain) to target the Atlantic.

There activities were recently highlighted in the Irish documentary Atlantic (link):

China Puts Pressure On May Not To Obstruct Nuclear Deal

News from the Celtic League:

China Puts Pressure On May Not To Obstruct Nuclear Deal:

“However at home China deals with protest in the traditional way by beating and killing protesters”

It’s the first real test for new British Prime Minister Theresa May (aka ‘Iron Lady 2 Daughter of Thatcher’) as China gets a tad angry about the UK decision to slam the brakes on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant they are so anxious to invest in.

Next Year Is The Centenary Of The Death Of 'A Militant Manxwoman'

News from Mannin Branch of the Celtic League:

At the annual Illiam Dhone commemoration in January 2015 I called for a greater emphasis to be placed by Manx nationalists on remembering those prominent in the political and cultural sides of the National movement.

To that end in November last year there were commemorations to remember two icons of the Manx cultural revival, Sophia Morrison, who is synonymous with the Gaelic renaissance at the start of the twentieth century and Colin Jerry, who was very much a pivotal figure in restoring its fortunes at the end of the century

The European Union and China Like a 'Marine Mafia' Exploiting Our Seas

News the Celtic League:

The Celtic League General Secretary, Rhisiart Talebot, has received a reply from the EU Fisheries Commission about the activities of EU flagged super trawlers in waters forming a broad arc from the NW of Africa to Orkney.

These vessels with a massive processing capacity are rapidly devastating fish stocks in these areas and the issue was recently in focus in Donegal where indigenous fishing are having to go further and fish longer to make a living.

Chinese Fishing Leviathan Of The Seas

News from the Celtic League:

‘Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the worlds oceans!’

We have been reporting on the assault on the marine environment by so called Super-Trawlers like the Margiris and Annelies Ilena which can catch and process over 200 tonnes a day.

Super trawlers now operate in all the Oceans of the world and we posted a link from Greenpeace on what they termed ‘the monster boats’ fishing waters from the Pacific and South Atlantic to Northern waters around Europe.

Sub Incident Indicates Need For UNCLOS Review Of Confined Sea Transit

News from the Celtic League:

Just hours after we voiced concerns about the possible environmental risks posed by a nuclear submarine coming to grief news of a collision involving a UK Astute Class nuclear submarine in the Mediterranean (link):

This is the second serious incident with this type of vessel one HMS Astute having run aground on the Isle of Skye some years ago.

Safety Zone Around 'Zombie' Nuclear Plant Extended

News from the Celtic League:

A decade and a half after Celtic League call ONR issue new safety zone guidance

The Liverpool Daily Post is carrying a story today saying that the safety zone around Wylfa Power Station on Anglesey is being extended following new guidance issued by the Office for Nuclear Regulation:…/danger-zone-around-former-angl…

Celts Cheer as Iceland beat England in the Euros 2016

Iceland secured their place in the quarter finals of the UEFA European Championship (the international men's football championship of Europe) 2016 with a 2-1 victory over England yesterday. There can be no doubt that Iceland deserved to win in a brave, well-organised, superb performance that was in stark contrast to England's lackluster efforts. No-one should be surprised by Iceland's progress to the quarter finals. Their victories over Austria and England came after strong performances over Holland when qualifying for the tournament. 

Fishing - A Nail Biting Time In Amsterdam?

News from Mannin Branch of the Celtic League:

‘It’s going to be interesting now as the UK scrabble for terms. Will the Johnson - Farage axis sell out the fishing communities on England and Wales for a trade deal’

A nail biting time for the rapacious fish moguls of Amsterdam as with the UK Brexit looming large the possibility of denial of access to quite a series of lucrative fishing grounds around the United Kingdom looms large (see pdf):

Indy Option Raised By Manx Council of Ministers Member

News from the Mannin Branch of the Celtic League:

A Manx government Minister has said the post BREXIT all options including independence should be considered.

Phillip Gawne MHK (Transport Minister) said:

‘We will have to start thinking the unthinkable. We need to consider all the options now including breaking link with what’s left of the UK!’


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