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China Pays Up In Eco Damage Claim

News from Mannin Branch Celtic League:

Manx Culture Online

Media release from Culture Vannin:

American Flag Flies On A Lonely Manx Hillside. The Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Crash On North Barrule

North Barrule (Manx Gaelic: Baarool Twoaie) is the second highest peak in the Isle of Man (Mannin). It stands at 1842 ft (561.4 m) and from its summit you can get commanding views across the flat Northern plain of the Isle of Man toward the coastline and hills of south west Scotland. There is also a South Barrule (Manx: Baarool Jiass), which though not as tall, standing at 1,585 ft (483 m), is significant in Manx legend as the home of the Celtic god of the sea  Manannán mac Lir.

Manx General Election 2016: 'Stand Up For Nature' Says Manx Wildlife Trust

With the Isle of Man's General Election taking place on September 22nd 2016 the Manx Wildlife Trust (Manx: Treisht Bea-Feie Vannin) has called on prospective MHK's to make a stand for the environment. The election is for the The House of Keys (Manx: Y Chiare as Feed), which is the Lower Branch of the Isle of Man parliament, Tynwald (Manx: Tinvaal).

Sinister Meddling and Mendacity Raises Its Ugly Head In The Manx General Election Campaign

The General Election on the Isle of Man (Manx: Mannin) will be held on September 22nd 2016. The election is for the The House of Keys (Manx: Y Chiare as Feed), which is the Lower Branch of the Isle of Man parliament, Tynwald (Manx: Tinvaal). The Keys is made up of 24 members who represent 12 constituencies. The members of the House of Keys (MHK’s) are directly elected by the people of the Isle of Man once every five years. All 24 seats will be up for election. 

Manx General Election: Chamber of Commerce ‘Self Appointed Economic Guardians Of The State’

News from the Mannin Branch Celtic League:

The Chamber of Commerce were to the fore recently issuing entreaties about voting wisely to the hoi polloi. The reaction was so hostile that the admin side of the IOMToday Comments section had to ‘ride to the rescue’ and effectively damp down criticism.

The Chamber also helpfully has a section on its web pages providing advice for us ‘thicko’s’ amongst the electorate as to the sort of questions we should press candidates on if any pop up on our doorsteps.

The link is here:

ONR Pressed On Sellafield Safety Issues

News from Mannin Branch Celtic League:

Celtic League Mannin branch have written to the United Kingdom Office for Nuclear Regulation addressing several queries prompted by the recent BBC Panorama programme which highlighted safety issues at the Sellafield reprocessing plant.

Text below:

“Dr Richard Savage
Chief Nuclear Inspector
and Director, Nuclear Directorate
4N.2 Redgrave Court
Merton Road
L20 7HS

9th September 2016

Dear Sir,

Trust The United Kingdom? - Remember What They Did To The Chagos Islanders!

News from the Celtic League:

The Celtic League has supported the campaign by the Chagos Islanders to return to their homelands for almost two decades.

The Islanders were summarily evicted from their homes in a secret deal between the UK and US to establish a military base at Diego Garcia on the isolated Indian Ocean archipelago.

There has been a broad range of International protest about the injustice inflicted on these people who were displaced many hundreds of miles to the island of Mauritius.

Allegation French Minister Used Isle of Man To Dodge Tax Reaches Court

News from Mannin Branch Celtic League:

A potential tax evasion scandal involving the Isle of Man breaks today in the New York Times, his time involving a former French Treasury Minister. (see below):

Irish Sea Munitions Dumps - A Dangerous Legacy From Two World Wars

News from the Celtic League:

A series of Wind Farm developments are planned for the Irish Sea and possible renewed oil and gas exploration. With this activity likely to expand it’s as well to realise that a dangerous legacy from firing ranges and munitions dumps litters the area from S W Scotland, off Jurby Isle of Man to the Holyhead Deep off Anglesey.


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