'Sea Monsters' On The Prowl Again

News from the Celtic League:

‘There’s no time to waste’ with only possibly another two years before the EU super trawlers are kicked out of UK waters (unless that is the UK sell-out the fishermen for a trade deal – which has been known!) the ‘monster boats’ are at sea again.

After lying up in the Netherlands the MV Annelies Ilena is on the move again and on present course it seems to be heading for the North West of Scotland or the Atlantic coast off NW Ireland (we will be keeping tabs).

The Annelies Ilena is the second largest ‘trawler’ in the world at 11,500 tonnes and is capable of catching and processing between 150-200 tonnes of fish a day – so there will not be much left for local fishermen in the sea area she visits next.

The Vessel is also not averse to breaking fishing rules either (see link):


I’ll be doing a trawl (forgive the pun) in the next few days to find out where the other massive factory trawlers are located.

Despite being registered around the EU these vessels appear to be owned by Netherlands conglomerates that seem to have little restriction placed on them by current European Fishery policy.

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