Cornwall: Was it Storm Doris or the Spriggans?

News from Kernow Matters To Us:

Was it Storm Doris or the Spriggans?

A judgement on the National Trust!

This is what the National Trust, aided and abetted by the planners who dutifully gave the consents, consider appropriate to uglify and vandalise an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Area of Great Historic Value, Heritage Coast, World Heritage Site and Site of Special Scientific Importance (yes, Levant is all of those).

It seems that the National Trust has now joined with "English" Heritage in its attitude towards care for Cornwall's heritage.

It is worth noting that the NT's "public consultation" at the Count House, Botallack, was held after the period of objection to the planning applications had expired, and consisted of the public being told what the NT was going to do, like it or lump it.

One member of 'Kernow Matters To Us' (KMTU) said, 'I lost two of my ancestors during the Levant man engine disaster of 1919. I am damned if I am going to pay the National Trust a penny to visit this site. They are a money grabbing disgrace much like English Heritage and both should be slung out of Cornwall, lock, stock and barrel!'

Last year, KMTU and many others in Cornwall, were highly critical of the commercialisation of Tintagel Castle by English Heritage who seem hell bent on making the historic site managed on behalf of the Duchy of Cornwall something of a Disney theme park. It seems that both English Heritage and the National Trust have much to learn about Cornwall and once again, KMTU calls for a Cornwall based heritage organisation in replacement of these blow in. money making charities and quangos.

Now it appears Storm Doris has hit the National Trust's insulting money grabbing attempts........or was it the Spriggans?



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