Screenplay Film Festival 2017 gets underway in Shetland on Friday

This Friday August 25th sees the start of the annual Screenplay Film Festival in Shetland which runs until September 3rd. The festival is celebrated at various venues across the islands. It features more than 80 screenings along with lectures and panel discussions involving national and international film industry professionals and film academics. The Festival also has strong local flavour and will be supporting emerging Shetland film-makers as well as encouraging the involvement of the community in the ten day event. Further information on the festival can be obtained from the Shetland Arts website. Shetland in itself is a remarkable place to visit and boasts a unique landscape and coastline. An archipelago that lies 110 miles (170 kilometres) north of mainland Scotland it is made up of some 100 islands 15 of which are populated. Shetland has been inhabited since the Mesolithic period and there are many Norse influences with close historical ties to Norway. The islands did not become part of Scotland until the 15th century.

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