Scottish Labour Elects New London Puppet As Leader

Kezia Dugdale, as predicted has been elected as the leader of the Scottish branch of the London based Labour Party. No doubt she will continue to encourage the role of Labour in Scotland as no more than the powerless branch office of London Labour. They are incapable of acting independently in the interests of Scotland.

Scottish Labour isn’t interested in what’s best for Scotland and will continue to fight to maintain the Union with the UK at any cost. A stance that saw them loose 40 of the 41 seats it once held in Scotland in this years general Election to the UK parliament, when the Scottish National Party (SNP) won a 50% share of the vote in Scotland, and Labour won just 24.3%. 

Labour in Scotland has become no more than an organisation whose sole intent is to try and sabotage the SNP administration which in 2007 won the election to the Scottish Parliament. They have a real fear that support for an independent Scotland will continue to rise. So under the leadership of Kezia Dugdale expect no change to the negative campaigning that has tainted Scottish Labour as the mere sub-branch of its London based Party machine.

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