Welsh Language Debate in the National Assembly shows Broad Support For the Welsh Tongue

The BBC are reporting on an impressively broad coalition of political figures in the Welsh Assembly that have called on the Welsh Government to take action to support the growth of the tongue.  Under the headline " Plaid Cymru: Act To Enable the Welsh Language to Thrive - In Leading a Debate on the Welsh Language, Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas Called on the Welsh Government to Act to Enable the Welsh Language to Thrive", the article cites calls from Liberal Democrat Aled Roberts, Conservative Suzy Davies and as cited in the headline, Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas, in calls to take action.  These actions include support for an economic strategy targeting the Welsh Speaking Areas (Y Fro Cymraeg) , funding for youth programs and support for Welsh Medium education.

In support of a recently issued report by the "Welsh Speaking Communities Task and Finish Group", First Minister Carwyn Jones announced during the debate that his government was studying the report and proposed actions contained in the report in formulating future policies. The report in question entitled "Increasing the Number of Communities Where Welsh Is The Main Language", lays out specific steps to support the language. The report issued by the Task Force (full text can be found under the link below) calls for a number of specific actions to "Promote Welsh in the Heartlands".  The Task Force is headed by Rhodi Llwyd Morgan, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Aberytwyth University with responsibility for the Welsh Language and Culture. 

One section of the Task Force report will give heart to supporters of the Welsh language.  In this section of the report is cited growth in Welsh speakers within a demographic that is crucial to the future health of the Celtic tongue of Wales: "An increase was seen in one important age group, with more 3-4 year olds able to speak Welsh in Wales in 2011 compared with 2001, which suggests that initiatives such as Twf (program offering support to children in bi-lingual families) and the fact that Welsh medium education has grown over the past decade are influencing parents’ language choice for their children."




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