Mebyon Kernow Call For 2016 To Be The Year Of Cornish Recognition

In 2014 the long overdue designation of the Cornish people as a national minority in Britain under the Council of Europe's "Framework Convention on National Minorities" was announced. Mebyon Kernow - The Party for Cornwall at its first Party Executive meeting of 2016 has demanded action to give substance to this recognition. 

Mebyon Kernow have issued a statement demanding meaningful devolution for the Celtic nation. Calling for National Assembly of Cornwall with significant powers. MK economy spokesman Cllr Andrew Long said that: “national minority status was a landmark ruling,” but it “must help lead to the people of Cornwall achieving greater control over their “political and economic lives through the creation of a legislative National Assembly of Cornwall.

“I repeat MK’s call for a new democratic settlement which recognises and respects Cornwall’s status as one of the historic nations of the United Kingdom.


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