TG4 - Irish language television channel - Teilifis Gaeilge

TG4, the Irish Language TV channel, continues to achieve success. The channel has been praised for its content. TG4 has recently started to broadcast an eight part drama series written by Colin Bateman about an Irish language newspaper  in Belfast. "Scúp" airs on TG4 on Wednesdays, and started on February 27, at 10pm, and on BBC Two from March 3 at 10pm.  There is also a further Irish language drama being filmed called "An Bronntanas". The series is set against the backdrop of a local independent lifeboat crew working off the coast of Connemara. It stars Irish/American actor and Irish language enthusiast John Finn.

This comes after the 2011 census results which recorded a 7.1% increase in those that spoke Irish in Ireland bringing the figure to some 1.77 million.