Welsh Language Society Condemns Government on Welsh Language Education Reforms

The government has given a nod to demands that Welsh Medium education become universally available in Wales.  But the latest delay in action by the government of First Minister Carwyn Jones has not satisfied language activists. 

Under the headline “Welsh Teaching in English Medium, Schools ‘Must Change’, Welsh Government Admits – But delay in Responding to Curriculum Changes Until After a Second Report is Published Provokes Cymdeithas Fury”, the website Wales-on-Line is reporting that the Welsh Language Society (Cymdeithas yr laith) is critical of the timing of the next step to introduce Welsh Medium education throughout the Welsh school system. Since August 2013 Cymdeithas has been calling for abolition of the concept of “Welsh as a Second Language”, and have instead called for reforms to ensure that every pupil is given the opportunity through the education system to be educated in the medium of both Welsh and English.

The government has announced that no action shall be taken until completion of a study at the end of 2014. This has provoked a scathing response on the timing of the next move by the government from language activists.  

Ffred Ffransis a spokesman for Cymdeithas stated:  “It’s incredible that the government has taken eight months to issue any response to Prof Sioned Davies’ report, and then all they have to say basically is that it makes sense for them to wait another year to see what the next report has to say about this report. This is perhaps the worst ever example of government inaction which Carwyn Jones is taking to a whole new level. It shows that equipping the young people of Wales with the skills to communicate and work in Welsh is no priority at all for this government.”

The Welsh language society has begun to take action in the streets with three Welsh activists recently arrested campaigning on the issue.




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