The Global Reach Of Celtic Culture

From the Outer Hebrides to the South Island of New Zealand, the culture nourished by the Six Celtic Nations is alive and well.  We at Transceltic are committed to maintaining an up-to-date index of Celtic Festivals and of Celtic Societies which reflect the deep roots of Celtic culture no matter where. Our focus is the English Speaking world which boasts tens of millions of residents of Celtic descent. 

Please take a look at our Celtic Festval  index and our index of Celtic Societies using the tabs at the the top of the page or the links provided below.

Whether it is Edinburgh's Beltane Festival celebrating the ancient Celtic Feast Day that falls on May 1st, Australia's Bundanoon Highland Gathering in New South Wales or Nova Scotia's Celtic Colours International Festival, we strive to maintain an up-to-date comprehensive listing of Celtic Festivals. From all around the world events and groups are for the most part organised according to the Geography and the Celtic nation to which they relate. Find out what's going on with our listings of Celtic festivals from one end to the other of the Celtic world. 

Likewise from Philaldephia's Donegal Association to Vancouver British Columbia's Manx Society to the Cornish Association of South Australia we work to provide the listing in our Celtic Society index with a a link to the group's web site. 

We're constantly adding new festivals and societies so if you know of any that we have missed, please get in touch.



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