Breton Magazine Highlights Issues of Bugaled Breize and Loire-Atlantique

News from the Celtic League:

Breton Magazine Highlights Two Issues That The Celtic League Has Long Campaigned On

Our Breton branch colleague Joss Le Gall reports that two issues that the Celtic League has campaigned on for some time feature in the magazine ‘Bretons’

A history of the disaster that overtook the Motor Fishing Vessel Bugaled Breizh will be covered and the title: "The (french) State lies and despises us" indicates that (as we do) many still believe the full facts are being concealed

Also in the same magazine, there is an article about Loire-Atlantique, that is part of the historical Duchy of Brittany. 75 years ago, Vichy removed Loire-Atlantique form Brittany and was then included in the newly created Pays de la Loire Region.

The reunification of Brittany to its pre WW 2 boundaries has long been a campaign platform of the Celtic League.

Image: Wreck of the Bugaled Breizh after being recovered by French State accident investigator the BEM.

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