Failure of Labour and the Scottish Media

When the Scottish National Party (SNP) rode to such a decisive victory in Scotland in the May 7th 2015 UK General Election political and media supporters of the Union (keeping Scotland within the United Kingdom) got a bloody nose. The SNP has completely altered the political landscape in Scotland. They won 56 of the nation's 59 seats. The biggest losers were the Labour Party which was left with just one Member of Parliament, losing 40 seats. Punished heavily for years of contempt, where they took for granted the Scottish voters loyalty without delivering on their promises. 

A contempt that was emphasised when the Labour Party in Scotland acted in such a treacherous way during last years referendum on Scottish independence. They joined in an anti-independence campaign that was littered with half truths and at times downright lies. Now they have been punished and people have seen Labour for what it is. A London based Party that has no loyalty to Scotland. It is now difficult to see a way back for Labour in Scotland. Particularly, when after the General Election, the leader of the UK party resigned and a new leadership contest is under way. The disconnect that exists between the London based Labour Party and Scotland could not be clearer. As the tired old set of usual suspect candidates for Labour leadership come forward. Trotting out the same tired old statements and failing to even mention the disaster that befell them in Scotland. They refuse to recognise their own culpability in that defeat and so are incapable of learning the lessons.

Similarly, the media in Scotland has proven to be incapable of understanding their own failings. They have overwhelmingly supported the Union and have done their very best to run smear campaigns against those with a Nationalist viewpoint. Whilst at the same time acting in a shameless fashion to support pro-Union political parties. The result of all their blustering in the end came to nothing, as the SNP achieved a remarkable victory in Scotland on May 7. It clearly demonstrates that the Scottish electorate has seen through the Scottish media. A process that was already underway at the time of the Referendum when people saw that only The Sunday Herald encouraged a Yes vote. The pro-independence National newspaper has since also come into existence.

So both Labour and the majority of the media in Scotland has lost credibility. This is not only the case with the printed press. The role of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is also falling under increased scrutiny.  This is the UK's public-service broadcaster, headquartered at Broadcasting House in London. BBC claims of neutrality during the referendum campaign last year was ridiculed by many who pointed to an anti-independence stance. A review of funding for the BBC is likely in 2016 when the broadcaster’s Royal Charter will come under scrutiny. At present the current system requires most people to pay £145.50 per year licence fee. Between 150,000 and 180,000 are convicted every year for failing to pay and between 50 to 70 people are jailed. The BBC have now lost support from many in Scotland who previously favoured retaining the licence fee system. They only have themselves to blame and the same can be said for the Labour Party and the media in Scotland.


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