Democracy in Scotland versus English hyprocrisy

Not surprising to see English hypocrisy spewing over the border. After spending years prior to the Scottish independence referendum pleading for Scotland to stay in the Union and remain an integral part in UK politics, now we see the Scottish electorate spat on and despised. We are now told, through the English controlled media, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (for British read English) that Scottish MPs are second-class in the British parliament. The line is that the Scottish National Party (SNP) are not to be allowed to take part in British politics or in any way influence the policies of any future UK government. This is another way of threatening the Scottish people not to vote for the only party that will act in Scotland's best interests - the SNP. This comes after opinion polls ahead of the UK General Election on May 7 show the SNP may well be on course for huge electoral success in Scotland. The message is very clear. Scotland's democratic voice will only ever be heard as an independent sovereign nation.

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