Demands For Improved Welsh Language Services In Health Care

As reported in recent weeks on the "thisissouthwales" and "walesonline" web sites, there is a rising chorus of voices demanding that Welsh speakers be afforded the basic right of being served by Medical Staff in the Welsh tongue. Keith Davies, National Assembly For Wales member for Llanelli, has cited the danger to patients health posed by the failure to provide Health Care services in Welsh.

This is a very serious issue as it it is a matter of life and death  for patients to be able to communciate with health care providers, and critically important to the well being of the patient in emergency situations.   

Sian Howys, spokesman for The Welsh Language Society (Cymdeithas Yr Laith Gymraeg) stated: "We are asking for clear rights for people, at a local level, to use the Welsh language from day to day..the right for patients to receive healthcare in the language."  Campaigners will address this issue this week with First Minister Carwyn Jones at the National Eisteddfod in Denbigh.