Scottish Labour Party reveal their incompetence on North Sea oil yet again

Scottish Labour have spent years telling Scottish voters that the SNP (Scottish National Party) proposal of setting up an oil fund was a stupid idea. They continued with this position during the Scottish referendum campaign on independence. This, of course, was when treacherous Labour sided with the Tory and Lib Dem's to oppose Scottish independence. Now, low and behold, with the fall in oil prices Labour has called for the setting up of a “resilience fund” to cushion the blow caused by falling prices. For “resilience fund” please read "oil fund"!

Does Jim Murphy (Scottish Labour leader) and his party think that Scottish people have a memory problem? It is known only too well that Labour had opposed an "oil fund". In fact it has opposed a North Sea oil fund for decades whether for Scotland or the UK. They did not create one during the 20 years they were in power after the discovery of oil in the North Sea in the mid-70's.

In fact when Labour was last in power  in 2009 oil prices again took a dip and it again rubbished the SNP idea of an oil fund. Who was the Labour Secretary of State for Scotland at the time? You've guessed - none other than Jim Murphy! Now that Labour support is in meltdown in Scotland and the SNP's is on the rise, Labour has done a complete reversal to try regain some ground. Too late though, because our memory is not that short!

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