Tynwald Day 2012

Transceltic.com's Alastair Kneale reports from Tynwald Day 2012 with a series of short videos. We hope they give you a flavour of some of the Tynwald Day festivities. This is our first attempt at making videos for the site. We hope you enjoy watching! All the videos are also available on our new YouTube Channel "transceltic", to which you can subscribe.


Highlights of the videos


Manx Celtic dancing on Tynwald Green

A short clip of Manx Celtic dancing on Tynwald Green. The dancers are wearing traditional costume. 


Manx Celtic dancing in tent

Everyone joins in with this Celtic dance at the Tynwald Day festivities. So many smiling faces!

Celtic music by local Manx band King Chiaullee

We were glad to have caught this excellent performance by local Celtic group King Chiaullee. If you like this short clip, make sure you visit their website www.kciom.com and show your support by buying some of their music. 


Interview with Manx photographer Andi Howland

Alastair interviews local photographer Andi Howland, who was displaying some of his work at the Tynwald Day Fair. He discusses his development as a photographer. He has recently held his debut exhibition, Reveal, at the Villa Marina in Douglas. We think his work is excellent and encourage you to have a look. For more visit Andi's Flickr photostream .


Manx National Heritage at Tynwald Day Fair

Alastair interviews Hannah from Manx National Heritage. Hannah talks about the Manx National Heritage i-Museum resource and how they are making it available to visitors of the Tynwald Day Fair. She discusses how a couple of people had already used it that day to find out some interesting information about their families. If you want to find out more about i-Museum, click here.


Manx Creative Artists

Alastair interviews Rosie Wood from the new organisation Manx Creative Artists. We really like what Manx Creative Artists are trying to achieve - bringing together local artists to help them showcase their work more effectively. There are now fifty artists and craft workers in the network, which is tremendous.


Isle of Man Family History Society

Alastair interviews Priscilla from Isle of Man Family History Society. If your interested in Manx family history then you'll definitely want to consider joining the society. All members receive a subscription to their journal, which is published four times per year. Their website is www.iomfhs.im


Vikings of Man

Alastair interviews Freya from Vikings of Man, who are a Viking re-enactment group based on the Isle of Man. You might be wondering why their are Vikings on a Celtic site, but we're friends now. I wouldn't want to mess with that sword Freya keeps waving around though! 

Display promoting Celtic festival Yn Chruinnaght

This was the display for the Isle of Man's inter-Celtic or, as we prefer to call it, trans-Celtic festival, Yn Chruinnaght. This year Yn Chruinnaght is occurring this year on 14 - 21 July 2012. We'll be attending Yn Chruinnaght and will be posting our coverage of the event on here shortly afterwards. The festival's website is www.ynchruinnaght.com