Launch of ‘Pobble’ Builds on Successful Growth in Manx Gaelic Language

Adrian Cain

‘Pobble’ is a Manx Gaelic word that translates into English as ‘People’. It is also the name given to a newly formed organisation on the Isle of Man/Mannin that seeks to promote the Manx language. The remarkable success in the growth of Manx Gaelic has attracted international interest for a number of years. ‘Pobble’ seeks to build on that success by firmly anchoring the language into all aspects of Manx community and business life.

Speaking to an enthusiastic audience at the official launch of ‘Pobble’ in Douglas, the islands capital, on 28th September, Adrian Cain, Manx Language Development Officer for Manx Heritage Foundation, outlined the aims and objectives of ‘Pobble’. Adrian spoke of the importance of continuing to expand the growth in Manx Gaelic and ensure that people understand its importance to the culture, economy and identity of the Isle of Man. ‘Pobble’ will help to ensure that those involved in the language movement continue to spread the message and build on the successes already achieved. The 'Pobble' Prospectus can be downloaded here.

Interview with Adrian Cain

Adrian spoke to Alastair Kneale of Transceltic about the growth in Manx Gaelic and his optimism for the languages future:


Learning Manx Gaelic on Isle of Man

Classes in Manx Gaelic continue to be held in various locations on the Island:

Leaflet on Manx Gaelic programme on Isle of Man

Leaflet on Manx Gaelic programme on Isle of Man


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