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Heritage mismanagement adds to fury of Cornish protests


4 Mys Du 2017

Heritage mismanagement adds to fury of Cornish protests

As predicted by 'Kernow Matters To Us' less than a week ago, fury has erupted over the National Trust's mismanagement of UNESCO recognised Cornish World Heritage sites in west Cornwall.

Hark! The Glad Sound of Cornish Carols

Hark! The Glad Sound of Cornish Carols

Following the huge success of Shout Kernow – Celebrating Cornwall's Pub Songs, winner of the Waterstones’ Holyer an Gof Award (awaiting its third reprint in spring 2018), Sally Burley and Hilary Coleman have turned their attention to exploring the continuity and revival of the Cornish carolling tradition. They have travelled all over Cornwall – to pubs churches, chapels, town squares and private functions – recording stories, memories and local versions of carols.

Boundary Commission third consultation - Reasons why any changes to the border of Cornwall are illegal

Reasons why any changes to the border of Cornwall are illegal

PLEASE can ALL KMTU MEMBERS work through the following and COMMUNICATE OBJECTIONS to the Boundaries Commission who are seeking public views for a third occasion.

The evidenced facts below will provide plenty of material for objections as well as containing direct references to the law and treaties and conventions at the end.

TODAY we remember the passing of Bob Fitzsimmons 100 years ago!

Bob Fitzsimmons - World Champion Boxer.

Born Helston, Cornwall, on 26th May, 1863, Bob was the youngest of 12 children. His father James Fitzsimmons was a borough constable in Helston.

James Fitzsimmons had been born in Omagh Co.Tyrone.

The 12 children were born between 1839 and 1863
His mother was Jane Strongman was from Truro,Cornwall.

Fitzsimmons and his family emigrated to New Zealand and arrived at Lyttleton, NZ on October 17, 1873. They brought with them only the five youngest children on the Adamant and settled in Timaru, NZ.

RESURRECTION TOUR 2018 - The Man Engine Rises Again

The Man Engine Rises Again

Get Your Earlybird Tickets NOW for THE MAN ENGINE powered by Volvo RESURRECTION TOUR 2018

The Summer season has gone - now we look forward to a season of real Cornish events!


10 IX 2017

A why agas oll wheg

LOWENDER PERAN - 2nd to 5th NOVEMBER, 2017

A video about Cornwall's Great Inter Celtic Festival here:

News from Kernow Matters (KMTU) - Japanese TV, Joseph Emidy, Boundary Bozos, Catalunya


3rd October, 2017

Kernow Matters represented on Japanese TV 

Following an approach made by a Japanese TV company, a senior KMTU member, Craig, spent time in the company of popular Japanese media star and musician Narumi Yasuda and her production company. Following initial discussions with us, our Japanese guests came to Cornwall in order to find out more about Cornwall and the Cornish people, our beliefs, culture, ancient sites, mythology, legends and identity.

Boundary Commission Fails Cornwall Again


28 IX 2017

At their last consultation, the unelected and distant Boundary Commission were told repeatedly that reducing the number of councillors would ONLY benefit metropolitan parties. Yet they are steaming ahead with it anyway. And now they are wanting yet another consultation. So let's give them one. Tell the Boundary Commission YOU DID NOT LISTEN TO THE LAST CONSULTATION.

You can send an e-mail to, or write in to the following address:

New publication - The Place Names of the Land's End Peninsula by Cornish author and patriot, Craig Weatherhill

The Land's End Peninsula is as far southwest as one can go on the mainland of Britain, reaching well out into the wild Atlantic. It is a treasure house of the past as well being in tune with the present.  Not surprisingly, it was the last outpost of the Cornish language as a traditional community tongue.  

Craig, installed as a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh in 1981, is a Cornish archaeologist, historian and toponymist and the author of several books.  

Devonwall dead?


6 IX 2017

Devonwall dead?

Following a sustained campaign involving political parties, Cornwall Council, Town and Parish Councils, campaign groups and many others, it is possible that the unlawful 'Devonwall' cross border constituency idea has been finally dropped by a Westminster government in crisis.


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