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The Disneyfication of Tintagel

Media Release

Following requests from many media outlets regarding Tintagel, Kernow Matters To Us (KMTU) releases the following statement:

KMTU Secretary makes outspoken speech at Flamank commemoration; Kresen Kernow on target! Tintagel


5 VII 2017

A Esely wheg

KMTU Secretary makes outspoken speech at Flamank commemoration

At a surprisingly well attended commemoration held in torrential rain in Bodmin and attended by many Councillors, civic dignitaries and others, 'Kernow Matters To Us' (KMTU) Secretary made a rousing speech to the assembled crowd and has been asked by many to supply the words fearlessly spoken out.

We have pleasure in reproducing the speech hereunder:

Conservative £1 billion bribe met with condemnation in Cornwall


27 VI 2017

Within minutes of the announcement that the Conservative Government had secured a £1 billion deal with the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party so gaining the support of ten of its MPs in order to prop up a minority government desperate to hang on to power, condemnation started to appear on social media sites maintained in Cornwall.

A few moments later, the news emerged that the Queen is to receive an 8% increase in income, in excess of £6 million from public funds, after the Crown Estate's profits rose by £24m and yet more anger emerged.

Tintagel Castle bridge objections continue


27 VI 2017

In a comprehensive letter of objection to the proposed bridge at Tintagel Castle, currently under the stewardship of English Heritage, Cornish historian, archaeologist and author Craig Weatherhill, himself a retired Planning Officer, joins many others including 'Kernow Matters To Us' (KMTU) in condemning the proposal.

There has been widespread opposition to the multi million pound project which has been variously called the 'Disneyfication' and making a 'Cash Cow' of a much loved and ancient site situated on Cornwall's rugged north coast.

Commemorate The Cornish Patriots - Michael Joseph 'An Gof' & Thomas Flamank


LET THE CORNISH NEVER FORGET THEIR GREAT PATRIOTIC LEADERS - Michael Joseph 'An Gof' of St Keverne & Thomas Flamank of Bodmin who gave their lives for Kernow during the great Cornish patriotic uprising of 1497

Commemorations in St Kerverne & Bodmin during the evening of Tuesday 27th June, 2017 starting at 7pm (see links below):

What is Cornish Culture?


An opinion piece by Craig Weatherhill

 I WAS once asked to define Cornish culture and the only realistic answer I could give was this:  “Read the three-part work Cornwall and Its People, written by A.K.Hamilton Jenkin between 1932 and 1934.  Read every word and, once you’ve got through its 487 pages, you will have at least scratched the surface and given yourself a general idea of what it is.

Cross border constituency - Devon & Cornwall

News from Kernow Matters To Us:

12th June, 2017

Boundary Commission for England, 
35 Great Smith Street, 
London, SW1P 3BQ

Dear Sirs & Mesdames

Cross border constituency - Devon & Cornwall

You may well be aware that during this last general election, something remarkable happened in Cornwall. Scores if not hundreds of extra people have now registered to vote, many of them younger people.

Cornwall: Truthful blunt letter written by KMTU member regarding our heritage 'Ruffles Establishment Feathers'

The below letter has been sent to Cornwall Council. Oversight of Heritage matters in Cornwall has been devolved by the Westminster Government to Cornwall Council and a stakeholding body was suggested from the outset of that announcement.

Re: Heritage Kernow

I was one of the stakeholders who attended the Heritage Kernow meeting last autumn. I was to have attended its follow-up a few months ago, but that was postponed for an unspecified reason, and we've all been waiting to hear of the rearranged date ever since. We still haven't been advised of this.

Cornwall: General Election 2017 invite to Redruth Hustings 2nd June, 2017

News from Kernow Matters To Us:


General Election 8th June, 2017



Come and put your question (s) to the four Parliamentary candidates standing for election in the Redruth, Camborne & Hayle Constituency!

George Eustice  - The Conservative Party

Geoff Garbett - The Green Party

Geoff Williams - The Liberal Democrat Party

Graham Winter - The Labour Party

This question and answer panel will commence at 7pm on Friday 2nd June, 2017

Cornish language freedom of information request

News from Kernow Matters To Us:


Last year, during November, we submitted a Freedom of Information Request as follows to the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) following the announcement that Westminster had ceased its funding for the Cornish language:

“Please provide all and any documents relating to this

decision including, among others, the brief for ministerial decision,

any explanatory notes, any impact assessment, other documents


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