Welsh Language Society Throws Down Gauntlet

" We have drawn up a list of people who are willing to act  - campaigns like this have worked in the past and we are ready to do it again." - Robin Farrar

The BBC are reporting that "Language campaigners say they will start a campaign of non-violent action unless policies to protect Welsh are put in place."   The headline is based on statements made by Robin Farrar, Chairman of the Welsh Language Society (Cymdeithas Yr Laith). 

Mr. Farrar is quoted by the BBC as follows; "Nearly a year has passed since we saw the results of the census, and since then there has been a lot of talk and discussion about the situation regarding the language.  If the government refuses to act on the six points we have outlined (listed below) we will take direct but non-violent action."

Welsh Language Society demands

  • Welsh medium education for all
  • 'Fair' funding towards the language from the Welsh government
  • That the Welsh government encourages public bodies to use Welsh internally
  • Language standards that set out rights clearly
  • A new planning system
  • That the language is a key part of the sustainability and planning bills

The Society's web page makes the following statement:  "Cymdeithas is a group of people who seek equality of access to the Welsh language and  campaign positively in a non-violent way for rights of people in Wales to use the language in every aspect of everyday life."



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