The “Wee Blue Book” published by Wings Over Scotland

For anyone that has not seen the “Wee Blue Book” by the superb website Wings Over Scotland here is the link. It makes a clear and concise argument for a positive Yes vote in the forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence. It demolishes the many half-truths and inaccuracies of the No campaign which is supported by the overwhelming majority of the media. The “Wee Blue Book” sets out to give the case in support of independence for Scotland. The demand for the download is overwhelming. Wings Over Scotland are making huge efforts to print as many copies of this book as possible for distribution in the next five weeks. Resources are also an issue and as you can see they are looking to get the book out and in as many hands as possible. Therefore they have also publicly granted permission to anyone and everyone to do their own print runs if they are able. Details are all on Wings Over Scotland website. The message to Vote Yes has to reach as many of Scotland’s voters as possible.

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