Storms Batter Celtic Coasts

Severe storms combined with high tides have caused major problems around the coasts of Brittany, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland and Isle of Man. In Brittany over 25,000 homes are without power today after a winter that has seen the country repeatedly hit by storms. In Ireland all parts of the country are affected as reported in today’s Irish Times  . On the Isle of Man severe gales across the Irish Sea caused road closures as high seas swept onto promenades bringing with them heavy stones and debris.  In Cornwall people had to be evacuated from their homes in Kingsand as stones washed ashore damaging their homes. The storm has had a severe impact on Cornwall as pointed out by this item from 'thisiscornwall', One weather station on the Scilly Isles which lie to the southwest of the Cornish coast recorded a gust of 105mph. In Scotland flood warnings are in place. Heavy rains and high gusts of wind swept across Scotland causing disruption to transport and ferry links. Wales has seen continued high winds and rainfall, South Wales has born the main brunt overnight with fallen trees and large waves causing coastal erosion.

The impact of the storms have brought misery to many people and will cause thousands of Pounds and Euros worth of damage and the severe weather is set to continue.


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