TODAY we remember the passing of Bob Fitzsimmons 100 years ago!

Bob Fitzsimmons - World Champion Boxer.

Born Helston, Cornwall, on 26th May, 1863, Bob was the youngest of 12 children. His father James Fitzsimmons was a borough constable in Helston.

James Fitzsimmons had been born in Omagh Co.Tyrone.

The 12 children were born between 1839 and 1863
His mother was Jane Strongman was from Truro,Cornwall.

Fitzsimmons and his family emigrated to New Zealand and arrived at Lyttleton, NZ on October 17, 1873. They brought with them only the five youngest children on the Adamant and settled in Timaru, NZ.

James Fitzsimmons set up a blacksmith's forge in Timaru. Bob went to school in the Timaru Main School, then joined his father and his brother Jarrett to learn the the blacksmith's trade. His work at the forge developed his physique.

Bob took part in an amateur boxing tournament that had been arranged by a visiting boxing promoter. He knocked out four men in succession.

He went to Australia as a professional boxer and on to America.

Bob Fitzsimmons was a man of many nicknames: “Ruby Robert,” “Rock Cod,” “Speckled Bob,” and “the Freckled Wonder.”

He held three world titles, Middleweight (1881-1897), Heavyweight (1897-99) and Light Heavyweight (1903-1905).

His exact boxing records are not known, as records were just not kept at that time. Fitzsimmons was quoted as saying he had more than 350 fights.

Bob died 22nd October, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois of pneumonia and a pauper and was buried there in the Graceland Cemetery.

In 2003, Fitzsimmons was named number eight of all time among boxing's best punchers by Ring Magazine.

Pictured: Bob, his birthplace and his grave

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