Search For Marylin Munroe's Scottish Ancestors

Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926 - August 5, 1962) was an American actress and model. She died at the age of 36 at her home in Los Angeles on August 5, 1962. Although the death was ruled a probable suicide, a number of conspiracy theories have been suggested in the decades since her death. Had she lived she would now have reached her 90th birthday. However, she continues to be considered a major American popular culture icon and remarkably her stardom has not only survived but escalated since her death. 

Marylin Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson as the third child of Gladys Pearl Monroe (1902–84) and later took her mother's name. Now DNA research by the Clan Munro USA has found that Marylin was descended from a soldier, John Munro, a soldier from the area around Tain, who travelled to America in the mid-17th century. The research used a sample provided by a male relative of Monroe's grandfather Otis Elmer Monroe. Tain (Gaelic: Baile Dhubhthaich) is in the County of Ross, in the Highlands of Scotland. The findings have been revealed by Mark Monroe in the Clan Munro USA newsletter

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