Poll shows record number of Scots would vote SNP in Scottish election

Latest polling conducted for STV (Scottish Television) shows that more than half of Scots would vote for the SNP (Scottish National Party) in a Scottish parliament election. This would indicate that the SNP’s grip on Scottish politics has continued to tighten since the independence referendum.

These latest opinion polls are causing alarm in the Scottish Labour Party who are now a massive 34 points behind the SNP. Support for Labour according to the Ipsos Mori poll, has gone down to 23% compared to 31% in the 2011 Scottish parliament election. Whilst SNP support has risen from 45% to a record breaking 57%. This comes after figures from the same poll showed Labour would also suffer major losses in a United Kingdom general election

The figures coincide with the SNP’s remarkable rise in membership since the September 18 independence referendum, with the party now claiming 83,000 members – trebling their pre-referendum levels. The significant dip in Labour Party fortunes comes after other polls show that if the referendum on Scottish independence was held again now then the Yes camp would win. Labour continues to be punished for what many people saw as an act of treachery, when they sided with the Tory Party to oppose Scottish independence.

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