Plan is Announced to Teach Gaelic in Every Scots Primary School

Education Scotland, an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government created in 2010 to support innovation and educational excellence in  Scottish schools, has announced a plan to teach Gaelic in every Scots primary school.

According to "The Scotsman" on-line,  see link to article below, "Education Scotland said it was important to recognise the language's valuable contribution to Scotland as well as it's status as an official language."  Bill  Maxwell, Chief Executive of Education Scotland, stated: "Our Gaelic language plan sets out to show how we will embed the promotion and use (of the Scots Gaelic tongue) across all our our work."   

Here is an excerpt from the announcement, the full text of which can be found using the link below: 

Education Scotland has published its first draft Gaelic Language Plan for public consultation.  It confirms Education Scotland’s commitment to partnership working to secure and strengthen the use of Gaelic in Scotland.  Education Scotland values all of Scotland’s languages.  The focus of this particular plan is Gaelic in recognition of its valuable contribution to Scotland’s heritage and its status as an official language of Scotland.  The plan demonstrates Education Scotland’s commitment to the National Plan for Gaelic and the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005.  Dr. Bill Maxwell, Chief Executive of Education Scotland said, “Our Gaelic Language Plan sets out to show how we will embed the promotion and use of Gaelic across all of our work.  I look forward to receiving views on the proposals in the draft Plan. Looking forward, I am absolutely committed to ensuring that improvements in the health and quality of Gaelic Education are a key strand of the overall impact we seek to have in improving Scottish education”.