Mebyon Kernow (The Party of Cornwall) Launches Cornwall Election Manifesto on 8th April 2013.

In a blistering attack on other political parties Mebyon Kernow has launched its 2013 Election Manifesto. The document entitled 'Putting Cornwall First' accuses the coalition United Kingdom Government of ignoring the needs of Cornwall and pursuing policies that are detrimental to Cornish people.

Mebyon Kernow Party Leader, Councillor Dick Cole, ahead of the elections to Cornwall Council on May 2nd urged voters to elect Mebyon Kernow councillors stating:

"Mebyon Kernow - the Party of Cornwall - is different to the mainstream London-based political parties. We are based here in Cornwall, we have no vested interests and are not funded by big business. We also have no political masters in London to please and we will always fight for what is best for the people of Cornwall."

For further details of Mebyon Kernow's proposals for Cornwall go to their website on Mebyon Kernow has a stated aim of winning greater recognition for the historic nation of Cornwall and the rights of its people. It campaigns for greater powers for Cornwall and the creation of a legislative Cornish Assembly.