Property Development in Wales Threatens the Welsh Language

As cited in a June 13, 2013 Transceltic NewsBlog article entitled "Welsh Language Under Assault from Property Developers - Charges that Local Councils have Sold Out", the impact that property development is having on Welsh speaking areas and the disruption to historical patterns of language usage remains a volatile and contentious issue.

As reported in the Denbighshire Free Press, the issue erupted this past week at the National Eisteddfod (Welsh language festival of literture, music and performance ) when protesters shouting "Wales is not for sale" temporarily disrupted the event.  The National Eisteddfod is being held in the city of Denbigh.

Robin Farrar, Chairman of the Welsh Language Society (Cymdeithar Yr Laith) stated: "The protest today is to voice our opposition to the Local Development Plan the Denbighshire County Council has put in place because we feel that it will allow (property) developments that are really inapproprite and will have a damaging effect on Welsh (language) in the area."

This question was addressed earlier this year by Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws who stated; "The current situation where large housing estates are built without clear guidelines on how to measure their impact on the Welsh language is unsustainable."  At the time, Commissioner Huws called for "proactive and positive" action.  Huws continued, "Hundreds of communities fear for the future of the language in their communites today because housing developments are undermining any attempt to sustain the Welsh language in those areas."