Manx Government Tyranny In Bed With Business


This government is a tyranny in bed with the business community screwing hard-pressed members of the public for all it can take whilst ‘doling out’ money from the reserves to fund grandiose schemes cooked up by its fellow travellers in the Chamber of Commerce and wider business circle.

A £50 MILLION give-away of our funds as people fret about the next energy bill. I say ENERGY because although the focus has quite rightly been on ‘the toads’ in the Board Room of Manx Gas the government monopoly MUA quietly gerrymandered its Energy prices upwards also earlier this year. However not content with that its now seeking a staggering 50% hike to sewerage charges!

This government’s members for the most part are self serving ‘with a few notable exceptions’. The indecent scramble of those who knew they would be ‘turfed out’ at the next election to the ‘money padded’ security of Legco is indicative of the self interest and avarice endemic in the systems. Added to this comes allegations that local authority members prepared to speak out against rip-off Isle of Man have been threatened

This government is rotten, that best epitomised by the fact that we pay for two Attorney Generals and yet still they have to trail off Island like village idiots to seek legal advice.

This government has introduced many things and likes to project its successes such as high employment and low inflation and yet these things have occurred in spite of not because of this government. It has no plans to tackle the debts its own incompetence has amassed.

It talks about meeting climate change carbon reduction targets while people wonder not what fuel they can burn but whether they can afford fuel at all.

This government taxes, charges, levies then taxes again. To it the public is a cash point to be milked at every opportunity.

This government kicks the most vulnerable such as those on benefits and the disabled.

Law and order is in disarray as officers scramble to leave the police burglary has been endemic and now multiple armed robberies have taken place.

Health services are in crisis on the EVIDENCE fed back to us by those using the service. Give health staff a general amnesty to speak out and the true extent of what DHSC are concealing might become apparent.

But its not just Health Services staff, in a variety of workplaces private and public sector we wager staff would have a few stories of abuse, failure and waste to narrate if they could speak openly – I bet there’s a few ‘flies on the wall’ in many a workplace! But the shocking reality is that in the first part of the twenty first century just days before we commemorate those who died to protect freedoms that people are AFRAID to speak out openly.

FEAR STALKS MANY WORKPLACES so people are unwilling or unable to speak out for fear of repercussions. What better indictment could you have of the tyranny this Island has become!

This government is the first one in over half a century to preside over fuel and food poverty on the Island. This is a reality today with even greater deprivation likely as a consequence of the government’s nefarious deal with Manx Gas.

INDIFFERENCE AND ARROGANCE is the watchword of this government!

GREED AND CONTEMPT the watchword of its business chums!

In short this is a government of ‘Arthur Daley’s’ roll their sleeves up and there would be a row of watches ALL FAKE – like the government itself.

Meanwhile the ‘Del boys’ of the business sector queue up for their share of our £50 million – you couldn’t make it up!


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