Mae tanseilio'r Celtiaid yn Gynnyrch Gwladychiaeth (Undermining the Celts is a Product of Colonialism)

Mae agwedd y Llywodraeth Brydeinig tuag at annibyniaeth Yr Alban yn dystiolaeth fod yr agweddau trefedigaethol yn parhau tuag at y Celtiaid (The UK Government's Attitude on Scottish independence demonstrates the colonial attitudes that still prevail towards the Celtic peoples).

There is a constant theme emanating from the British government in regard to the forthcoming vote on Scottish independence. It is a relentless propaganda campaign that seeks to tell the Scottish people that they are just not capable of running their own country. Delivered by their mouthpieces in the London based media the messages come in the form of threats of dire consequences should the Scottish people have the audacity to want to separate from the United Kingdom. Often they arrive camouflaged in bogus economic arguments that just do not stand up to scrutiny. Only to be picked apart and exposed by a highly competent pro-independence campaign in Scotland.

All Celtic peoples will recognise these attempts at telling them that they are too stupid to control their own destiny. It has been going on for years in many forms. In Wales at this time there is a constant barrage coming from Westminster trying to undermine the Welsh Assembly at every opportunity. In Cornwall the growing demands for greater autonomy is met with shock that the Cornish people might even want such a thing. After all it must be a real irritant to those English who thought that they had stamped out any sense of Cornish identity and culture years ago. However, as we Celts all know Cornwall is one of the six Celtic nations and is demanding its rights. Even in regard to the Isle of Man, never part of the United Kingdom, the British government has just had to apologise to the Manx government after being caught out trying to produce a map incorporating the Island into the UK.

The history of Celtic people has been one of struggle. As witnessed by the fight of the people of Brittany at this time against an aggressive centralising French government. However, despite all of the odds the ability of the Celtic people to succeed in the end should never be underestimated. This was the case in Ireland. Often described as England’s first colony and despite hundreds of years of bloody repression, the Irish defeated Britain at its height of Empire. Those that seek to continue to undermine the Celtic peoples should be aware that we know exactly what motivates them. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious to us that future economic development and prosperity depends on the individual Celtic nations having the direct power to manage their own affairs. That can only really be achieved by self-determination.


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