Leading National Health Service Surgeon States Voting Yes to Scottish Independence is Crucial

In a recent news article in the Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, one of Scotland’s leading breast surgeon’s has said that only voting Yes to independence can save the National Health Service in Scotland. Dr Philippa Whitford said: “In five years, England will not have an NHS and in 10 years, if we vote no, neither will we.

“If we do not vote Yes in September, I will be heartbroken. I have spent 32 years working in the NHS and it is very dear to me.”

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that current United Kingdom government policies were a threat to the National Health Service in Scotland. She said that: "The NHS in Scotland is a great national asset which people all across the country depend on and have the deepest admiration and regard for.

 "But people should be under no illusion about the threat to the NHS here in Scotland from Westminster’s privatisation agenda.

 "We are absolutely committed to keeping the NHS in public hands here in Scotland – but in the event of a No vote that would not stop our health service being hit by hugely damaging cuts as a knock-on effect of NHS privatisation south of the border." 

It now seems clear that the National Health Service will become a key battleground in the referendum campaign on Scotland’s independence. The message is clear, only voting Yes to independence can protect the NHS in Scotland.



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