Isle of Man: "Buy Manx E-Book and Help Fund Cambodian Diabetic Clinic"

Mannin Boy

Former teacher, Lorraine Fraser King, wrote her first YA novel in 2006 when she was employed at Marown Primary School, when the old streets of Peel inspired her to put pen to paper to write Mannin Boy, but with the publication of an extended e-book version there’s an opportunity for Island readers to help people in Cambodia struggling with diabetes and related disorders.

Mannin Boy focuses on the exploits of Jamie and Finn as they grow into manhood in the mid-nineteenth century port, exploring the turbulent life of the fishing industry and the price of personal tragedy.

Lorraine’s research incorporates local words, personal names and Manx locations, but later we are compelled to follow our heroes as they tackle a much longer sea journey and face the dangers and uncertainty of the gold mines of Australia.

Upon leaving the Isle of Man and spending some time in Australia, Lorraine volunteered to join forces with Cambodian refugee Professor Lim Keuky and together they established a clinic of the Cambodian Diabetes Association at Siem Reap, situated next to the famous Angkor Wat Temple.

There’s a growing problem with all forms of diabetes in the rural districts of Cambodia, with many sufferers, including children, dying unnecessarily, due to both lack of understanding and little money, but with minimal funding available Lorraine and her colleagues have achieved some success with mobile clinics.

But it’s vital they raise more money for the project which has prompted Lorraine to republish Mannin Boy as an e-book with royalties accrued before the end of January diverted to help the not-for-profit organisation.

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